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How to lower blood pressure without drugs

Perhaps one of the worst scandals in medicine is blood pressure medication. You can find ways how to lower blood pressure without drugs, but drug companies don’t research those.

What’s normal blood pressure according to your age?

The influential American College of Cardiology recently released a new guideline for blood pressure – are you in the red?

Does salt affect blood pressure?

I have a great study for you today — after reading it, I knew we didn’t have to cut salt out of our diets anymore.

5 Worst Blood Pressure Medications for Men

The most common blood pressure medications today for men are the ACE inhibitors — and these may be causing men sexual problems.

Two prominent scientists recently reported that one out of five cases of ED are from medications, and Antihypertensive drugs represent one of the most implicated classes”.

High blood pressure may be saving your life

What if you found out that men with high blood pressure will often outlive men with low blood pressure?

Blood pressure medication is an enormously profitable business for the big drug companies.

Lies, More Lies and Misinformation. Salt, Your Heart and Hypertension.

More and more evidence is piling up, like a heap of potatoes going into stew. Salt does not CAUSE high blood pressure or increased rates of death. And in some ways salt seems to have a protective effect and may actually extend life.