What’s normal blood pressure according to your age?

What’s normal blood pressure according to your age?

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The influential American College of Cardiology recently released a new guideline for blood pressure – are you in the red?

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What’s “normal” blood pressure according to your age?

This is brand-spanking new.

As of November 2017, men with a blood pressure reading of 130/80 should be treated for high blood pressure.

The old new guideline for treatment, pronounced in 2003, was 140/90.

I have been talking about that change in the guidelines, and what it means, for a while.

Before 2003, your age plus 100 was considered to be okay. And for decades 120/80 was considered ideal.

You may think this new 130/80 is not relevant to you, but it is.

Over time, what used to be considered a high blood pressure level has become a super-high blood pressure level.

What was considered to be normal blood pressure 20 or 30 years ago is now considered to be high blood pressure.

You can see where this is all going:

“It is important to screen for and manage other CVD risk factors in adults with hypertension: smoking, diabetes, dyslipidemia, excessive weight, low fitness, unhealthy diet, psychosocial stress, and sleep apnea.”

In case it’s not clear to you, everyone who submits to a physical examination in their doctor’s office will be found to have some problem that requires drugs or expensive tests or both.

Maybe a sleep apnea CPAP machine along the way as well…

It’s really not clear that they are right about this. I believe they are quite wrong…about blood pressure, at least.

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Let’s look at one study that shows how “high” blood pressure can actually be a benefit as you age.

You weren’t expecting that, were you?

As the researchers wrote in this study:

“A significant trend for improved survival with increasing diastolic pressure in men aged 80 years and older.”

High blood pressure was associated with improved survival in this study.

And in another study, low blood pressure in men diastolic under age 75 was associated with depression.

Depression can’t be good for survival.

“Men with diastolic hypotension scored significantly higher on individual measures of fatigue, pessimism, sadness, loss of appetite, weight loss, and preoccupation with health.”

And in an extremely well-done study, the researchers tested “tight” blood pressure control.

That means maintaining blood pressure at a “normal” level, versus less medication.

Guess what?

They actually found that men who had tight blood pressure control (higher amounts of medication) experienced the same or higher all-cause mortality over the duration of the study.

In other words, more medication did not mean better survival.

There was actually a lower survival rate for men that were getting more medication.

The all-cause mortality rate was 11.0% in the tight-control group vs 10.2% in the usual-control group…When extended follow-up was included, the risk of all-cause mortality was 22.8% in the tight control group vs 21.8% in the usual control group

For men with a normal range of blood pressure, the evidence for tight medical control using Big Pharma drugs is just not there.

In fact, higher blood pressure is protective as you get older!

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Is it true? Can high blood pressure be BETTER than low blood pressure?

In this study, the results were quite clear – higher blood pressure led to a longer life expectancy:

This results of this study were most striking for aging men.

Men over 75 had the best life expectancy with blood pressure exceeding 130/85.

Even at 170/95 men had a longer life expectancy than aging men with lower blood pressure.

This is not the only study showing that higher blood pressure as you age is actually a benefit.

There are many such studies – I’ve shown you a few others in the past.

The fact is that if your blood pressure is lower than 170/90 or 180/90, and you’re in your 70s or 80s, you’re doing just fine.

But if you take these blood pressure chemicals, you’re probably not doing so fine.

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 1.What is the normal blood pressure level for males? 
The normal blood pressure level for males is considered to be at 120/80 according to medical standards. Anything that is above this limit has been considered unhealthy and should be asked for a medical diagnosis as well as initiatory steps, to bring the Blood pressure levels down. Blood pressure levels have a direct co-relation with the optimal health of the body ecosystem and thus care should be taken to maintain the same. Some of the factors that play a major part in the imbalance of Blood pressure levels include smoking, diabetes, dyslipidemia, excessive weight, low fitness, unhealthy diet and psychosocial stress.The usual approach to managing high blood pressure levels is to take pills administered by Big Pharma,but those are not found to help in increasing the survival rate among men suffering from hypertension issues. There has been studies, which also point to the positive benefits of a high blood pressure among men who are older than 75 .As strange as it may seem, men who are above the age of 75 are considered to have the best life expectancy levels if they have a blood pressure that  exceeds 130/85.But in all normal cases ,the optimal range of blood pressure should be kept below 120/80. Some beneficial ways of controlling the normal blood pressure is by paying attention to the diet as well as regular physical exercises to keep the body fit and healthy. A diet that comprises of less salt is beneficial for the body ,with a good helping of a vegetables and fruits based diet , that fulfils the body’s need for the necessary vitamins and minerals.The higher the blood pressure, the higher are the prospects of health disorders in the future. In many cases high blood pressure is found to cause strokes and is also closely linked to some forms of dementia. It can also affect the kidneys and has also been found to cause peripheral arterial disease which affects the legs.More attention should be given to maintenance of an ideal healthy weight ,since it helps to lower the blood pressure and also the risk of any ensuing health problems. It has been found that a low calorie diet with a balanced  lifestyle that includes healthy body activity is great for maintaining the body health. Activities such as running, yoga and even exercises like stretches can help engage the body ecosystem in a positive way .Cutting down on any addictions like smoking is a great way of easing the pressure on your body.These steps help to maintain the right blood pressure levels and keep the body functioning at its optimum best. 

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