5 sensation robbers that are making men feel less down there

Most men are suffering from 3 of these sensation robbers, and sometimes all 5…

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—-Important Message From Board Certified Physician Dr. Ari Magill, MD—-

5 sensation robbers that are making men feel less down there

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Hey, Dr. Magill here, and I’ve discovered 5 sensation robbers that make a man feel less and less pleasure during the act…

How do you know you are suffering from the 5 sensation robbers?

Grinding away, not being able to reach an O, or even (paradoxically) coming too fast…

All these lead to very little feeling at the tip and on the shaft…

They impact performance and may be the reason why a guy isn’t having a good experience with his wife or girlfriend…

Are you suffering from 1 of these 5 Sensation Robbers?


This is how I take my magnesium supplements

I always talk about how magnesium is an essential mineral for us.

It’s involved in nearly 3,000 processes in our bodies.

I regularly feature studies on magnesium in these articles – and it’s for a good reason.

I also talk about how magnesium is depleted in our soils – and how difficult it is to get it through our diets.

That’s why so many people need to resort to magnesium supplements.

Lots of “gurus” recommend that.


…they’re not telling you that there is a BETTER way to take those supplements to reap the benefits…

Yes, you shouldn’t just pop the capsules and wait for them to work…

…because the recommended way to take capsules isn’t really correct.

Today’s study explains how magnesium supplements should really be taken.

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This study was conducted at Leibniz University in Germany. It was published in Current Nutrition and Food Science.

The researchers wanted to know more about how our bodies absorb and use magnesium.

To do this, they looked at existing studies and information on its absorption.

They found that our bodies absorb magnesium in 2 different ways:

  • A passive way: where it just seeps through the cells in our gut
  • An active way: where it uses special proteins called TRPM6/7 to bring the magnesium into our cells actively.

The researchers also found that the amount of magnesium our bodies can absorb varies depending on a lot of different things.

“The bioavailability of Mg2+ varies within a broad range, depending on the dose, the food matrix, and enhancing and inhibiting factors.”

  • The amount we eat (or take)
  • The type of food it’s in
  • Other things we eat along with it

These can all affect how much we absorb.

For example, certain things can make it more difficult for our bodies to absorb magnesium.

These include taking high doses of other minerals, eating certain types of fiber, and eating foods high in phytate and oxalate.

“Dietary factors impairing Mg2+ up-take include high doses of other minerals, partly fermentable fibres (e.g., hemicellulose), non-fermentable fibres (e.g., cellulose, lignin), phytate and oxalate.”

On the other hand, some things can also help our bodies absorb more of it.

These things include eating proteins and certain types of carbohydrates.

“Proteins, medium-chain-triglycerides, and low- or indigestible carbohydrates (e.g., resistant starch, oligosaccharides, inulin, mannitol, and lactulose) enhance Mg2+ uptake.”

The researchers also found that we should take magnesium in smaller amounts throughout the day…

…rather than all at once.

“The Mg2+ dose is a major factor controlling the amount of Mg2+ absorbed. In principle, the relative Mg2+ uptake is higher when the mineral is ingested in multiple low doses throughout the day compared to a single, large intake of Mg2+.”

So, let me summarize the findings.

Take magnesium supplements with meals containing protein and carbohydrates, preferably a meal that doesn’t contain too much dairy.

Don’t take them with foods that contain high amounts of phytate, like grains and oats.

Don’t take the whole dose at once (supplement companies usually recommend this) because it doesn’t get absorbed efficiently.

Instead, take it in small and repeated amounts.

If you take 3 capsules, for example, take 1 with each meal – this helps your cells absorb more.

—-Important Message for Boosting Magnesium—-

This manly shake contains magnesium and 4 other nutrients for better blood flow

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Magnesium helps relax the blood vessels.

So they can stay wide open and flexible for better blood flow.

And this manly shake I’ve been drinking contains just the right amount of magnesium…

…as well as 4 other key nutrients men need for good, healthy blood flow all over the body.

It makes it easy to get good blood flow (and good rockiness) while getting all the other benefits of magnesium…

…like great blood pressure, for instance.

Here’s the shake I’ve been drinking in the morning


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