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This simple stretch cuts down headaches by 75%

Do you have frequent headaches of unknown origin associated with neck, shoulder, or upper back pain?

Doctors often call this a cervicogenic headache.

The problem often originates in the neck, and strengthening neck muscles can reduce pain over time.

Doctors usually recommend stretching for this issue – but research shows that strengthening the upper body and neck is far more effective.

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The human research was conducted at the Central Hospital of Central Finland in Jyväskylä, Finland. This paper was published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Cervicogenic headaches originate from the neck region, and are caused by dysfunction or pain in the cervical spine (neck).

It can result from irritation or damage to the nerves or cervical joints responsible for transmitting pain signals to the head.

This can cause pain on one side of the head, worsened pain from neck movements, limited range of motion, and tenderness in the neck and shoulder muscles.

Other symptoms include dizziness or nausea.

This study’s authors wanted to check the effect of 3 different exercise regimens on cervicogenic headaches over a year.

“We compare the efficacy of three 12-month training programmes on headache and upper extremity pain in patients with chronic neck pain.”

The researchers recruited 180 subjects with cervicogenic headache and neck pain who were randomly assigned to three different groups.

The first group performed general upper-body exercises and some neck-specific and stretching exercises.

“The strength group performed isometric, dynamic and stretching exercises.”

The second group did only some of those exercises and did neck stretching.

“The endurance group performed dynamic muscle and stretching exercises.”

The third group did stretching only.

The researchers tracked the degree of neck, shoulder, and head pain.

“Pain was assessed with a visual analogue scale.”

The participants were split into different groups according to how bad their headaches were too.

“Each group was divided into 3 subgroups according to headache intensity.”

The researchers found a significant reduction in headaches in all groups.

Stretching alone reduced headaches by about one-third.

The full exercise plus stretching decreased routine headaches by more than two-thirds.

“At follow-up, headache had decreased by 69% in the strength group, 58% in the endurance group and 37% in the control group compared with baseline.”

The researchers found reductions in neck pain too.

Neck pain was reduced most in those with the most severe headaches at the start of the study.

“Neck pain diminished most in the strength group with the most severe headache.”

There were similar reductions in upper body pain.

Upper extremity pain decreased by 58% in the strength group, 70% in the endurance group and 21% in the control group.”

Stretching is the most common recommendation for cervicogenic pain…

…but this study shows that strength and endurance training of the upper body and neck is far more effective.

“All of the training methods decreased headache. However, stretching alone was less effective than when combined with muscle endurance and strength training.”

Many people sit in offices all day long and are hunched over cell phones when not at work.

This creates a severe imbalance in musculature.

Appropriate training of a few hours a week can reverse muscular problems, reducing nerve triggers that cause pain and headache.

This type of training can massively reduce headaches and upper body pain, known as cervicogenic headaches.

“Care must be taken in recommending the type of training to be undertaken by patients with severe cervicogenic headache.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for medical diagnosis and treatment guidance.

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Effect of neck exercises on cervicogenic headache: a randomized controlled trialhttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20461336/