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How to stop aromatase from turning T into estrogen

Older guys often suffer from a dip in testosterone.

Low testosterone is not a natural part of aging — it’s a sign of (and cause of) poor health.

Do you ever wonder where all that testosterone goes?

I mean – the testicles produce testosterone – and they don’t disappear…

One reason why testosterone levels drop is because the body starts converting that testosterone into estrogen.

Then that estrogen causes prostate problems.

Preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen can boost testosterone levels and protect against prostate problems.

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This human research was carried out at Harvard Medical School in Boston. The results were published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Most guys know about estrogen and testosterone – the sex hormones – but there are many other hormones.

The body converts some hormones into other hormones.

Hormones are converted from one to the other by enzymes.

An enzyme called aromatase can convert testosterone into estrogen.

We want higher T and lower estrogen – so it’s important to keep aromatase under control.

Testosterone supplementation is becoming increasingly popular with older guys who have low testosterone.

But this can be a huge problem if aromatase is high – because they end up with high estrogen rather than high T…

One of the problems with estrogen is that it inflames the prostate.

Estrogen causes benign prostate hyperplasia and is implicated in prostate cancer.

And if estrogen is implicated in prostate problems then aromatase is too.

“Estrogens have an independent effect on the prostate and some effects of T on the prostate might be mediated via its aromatization to estradiol.”

(Estradiol is a particularly potent type of estrogen.)

Some studies have shown that testosterone supplementation can lead to increased prostate volume…

…and so the assumption is that testosterone causes prostate problems.

But is it really testosterone or its conversion to estrogen that causes problems?

“Some studies have assessed the effect of testosterone replacement on prostate volume, but the differing effects of testosterone and estrogen have not been investigated.”

The question then is about the effect of aromatase – does aromatase conversion of T to estrogen cause prostate problems?

Aromatase levels can be altered by a number of different compounds – both treatments and natural substances.

Aromatase inhibitors prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

This study looked at the effect of testosterone supplementation versus aromatase inhibitors on prostate volume…

…to see whether testosterone or estrogen causes prostate problems.

“The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of testosterone and estrogen on prostate volume in older men with low testosterone.”

31 men over the age of 65 were included in the study. All of the men had low testosterone when the trial began.

The men were randomly split into 2 different groups.

One group of men took testosterone gel – the other took an aromatase inhibitor.

Testosterone levels increased in the men taking testosterone – obviously.

But testosterone levels were also increased in the men taking the aromatase inhibitor.

Estradiol – the most potent type of estrogen – was only decreased in men taking the aromatase inhibitor.

Men taking testosterone had higher estrogen after supplementing T for a year.

“Testosterone levels increased in both groups but estrogen levels increased in the testosterone group. Estrogen decreased in the aromatase inhibitor group.”

The aromatase inhibitor prevented testosterone from being converted into estrogen. This led to higher T and lower E.


Prostate volume was increased in men taking testosterone – the men with higher estrogen.

“Prostate volume significantly increased only in the testosterone group.”

Lower urinary tract symptoms – signs of prostate problems – were also only found in the testosterone supplementation group…

…again showing the role of estrogen.

“Lower urinary tract symptoms scores increased only in the testosterone supplementation group.“

Increasing testosterone levels is a good idea, but you need to be careful that aromatase is under control.

Most of the problems attributed to testosterone occur because it is converted to estrogen.

“The effects of testosterone on the prostate mediating by its conversion to estrogen.”

This research used a pharmaceutical grade aromatase inhibitor which you would need to speak to your doctor about.

But there are a number of natural aromatase inhibitors that you could add to your diet to lower estrogen and increase testosterone…

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This 1 food is a natural aromatase inhibitor — stops testosterone from converting into estrogen

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I’ve discovered 1 simple food that you can get at any grocery store in the world…

And this 1 food is a natural aromatase inhibitor — meaning it stops the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

So now testosterone is staying testosterone, instead of getting turned into estrogen.

Even for men who may be taking supplemental T.

So no more man boobs, no more belly fat, no more low drive or erections problems.

Here’s the 1 food that acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor in men — take 2 min to cook this and watch T shoot up into the 1000s


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