5 second ritual for a raging libido + powerful rockiness

Jeff used this to win his wife back

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—-Important Message From Bryan Hayes—-

5 second ritual for a raging libido + powerful rockiness

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If you’re sometimes a little soft ‘down there’ and you want to turn your wife or girlfriend into a SCREAMER…

Then you need to try this 5-second ritual that gives you a raging libido AND powerful, erections that makes her scream in ecstasy.

Jeff discovered this 5-second ritual after his wife kicked him out of the house because he couldn’t satisfy her.

He’s now sharing his secret with thousands of guys around the world and many of them have experienced deeply satisfying results in the sack.

Here’s the 5-second secret for ultimate bedroom confidence [reach deep pleasure points she didn’t even know existed]


How to keep plaque out of your arteries

Atherosclerosis is a disease where the blood vessels become lined with junk that should be elsewhere.

This causes the blood vessels to become stiff and narrow.

Blood pressure increases to deal with the poor flow…

But after a while the body becomes starved of blood-borne nutrients because of decreased blood flow.

Atherosclerosis causes everything from cardiovascular disease to erections problems…

…because everything depends on these blood vessels being healthy and flexible.

I’ve written whole newsletters about the best nutrients to keep these blood vessels healthy…

And here is yet another nutrient which is central to blood vessel health – potassium.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The results were published in JCI Insight.

When people think about atherosclerosis the first thing that usually comes to their mind is cholesterol.

But cholesterol makes up a rather small percentage of the junk which impedes blood flow.

Calcium, an essential mineral, actually comprises a large porting of these atherosclerotic plaques.

This lining of the blood vessels with calcium can be easily seen on scans…

And this “vascular calcification” is a great predictor of cardiovascular disease.

“Vascular calcification is a risk factor that predicts adverse cardiovascular complications of several diseases including atherosclerosis.”

Low dietary potassium is associated with the cardiovascular diseases caused by atherosclerosis…

But the reasons for this are not so clear to some researchers.

“Reduced dietary potassium intake has been linked to cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and stroke.”

So the researchers at the University of Alabama designed experiments…

These experiments were meant to see if potassium had any effect on atherosclerosis via calcium buildup in the blood vessels.

The researchers used a specific type of mice which are particularly useful for these types of experiments.

They split a large number of mice into smaller groups. These groups were fed slightly different diets.

The only difference being the amount of potassium different groups of mice received.

Reducing potassium in the diet caused atherosclerosis – increasing calcium build up in the blood vessel walls.

“We demonstrated that reduced dietary potassium promoted atherosclerotic vascular calcification.”

The mice fed on the low potassium diet developed stiff and inflexible blood vessels.

In later experiments, the researchers found that increasing potassium decreased the amount of calcium in the blood vessel walls.

Potassium could prevent or reverse atherosclerosis in the mice.

“In contrast, increased dietary potassium attenuated vascular calcification and aortic stiffness.”

Aortic stiffness is particularly important.

The aorta is a major blood vessel leaving the heart and supplying blood and nutrients to the rest of the body.

If the aorta is stiff it can’t relax and expand – this reduces the supply of blood to the rest of the body.

If the aorta is stiff then the health of the other blood vessels doesn’t matter much – it is the choke-point.

The fact that simply increasing potassium can remove calcium from the aorta and make it more flexible is incredible.

The findings explain why people who eat less potassium are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases like stroke and high blood pressure.

“These studies established a causative role of potassium in regulating atherosclerotic vascular calcification and stiffness, and uncovered mechanisms that offer opportunities to develop therapeutic strategies to control vascular disease.”

If somebody is not getting enough potassium – then simply eating more high potassium foods could prevent or reverse atherosclerosis and all of the diseases it causes.

These days many people don’t eat much potassium – but it’s not some sort of rare mineral that is difficult to get from food.

Milk is high in potassium – many fruits contain lots of potassium too.

You can significantly increase your potassium intake by just eating more of these foods.

Unlike foods, potassium supplements make it easy to get too much potassium, you need to be careful with these.

Food is better in this case.

—-Important Message for Men Who Want to Prevent or Reverse Atherosclerosis—-

These 5 foods can help destroy plaque in the arteries and boost blood flow

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I’ve found 5 delicious foods that can really help with getting better male blood flow.

These foods contain nutrients that the body needs to blast plaque out of the arteries.

They also help open up and relax the arteries which improves blood flow ALL over the body.

So even erections gets a boost. And testosterone levels start to rise…

Here are the 5 foods — you may have eaten 1 already today…


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