Why licking this 1 food off her belly makes boners better

This 1 ancient superfood gives you a higher drive

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—-Important Message From Bill Radcliffe—-

Why licking this 1 food off her belly makes erections better

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Why are wives and girlfriends of over-40 men feeding them this delicious, ancient superfood?

Simple – it’s because according to a study out of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology…

Men who eat this superfood have soaring libidos, unnatural energy…

…and enough “thrusting power” to keep their women satisfied all night long!

Just lick this off her belly and breasts for stud-ly bedroom performance


Make blood vessels more flexible this way — promote penile blood flow

Are you a fan of chocolate?

I am.

The darker the better – though I find that eating dark chocolate was an acquired taste.

The reason I started eating dark chocolate in the first place is because there are so many beneficial components to this food…

…that I felt I would be leaving a lot of the table by not eating a couple of ounces a day.

A recent study shows that the flavonoids contained in the cocoa plant are responsible for some of its blood sugar lowering effects.

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The human research was carried out at the University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom. The paper was published in Frontiers in Nutrition.

A number of previous studies had shown a decrease in blood pressure in people eating cocoa.

The studies had also indicated that there might be a lot of personal variability in the effect of this plant food on blood pressure.

“Controlled clinical intervention studies have demonstrated that cocoa flavanols can decrease blood pressure and arterial stiffness in healthy humans, although a large variability in the effect size across trials has been reported.”

In this study, the researchers closely tracked blood pressure and pulse wave velocity in a number of people with no blood sugar problems over a few days.

Pulse wave velocity measures arterial stiffness.

Stiffer blood vessels increase the risk of cardiovascular and neurovascular health problems.

“We evaluated the intra- and inter-individual variability of responses to cocoa flavanols in everyday life using a series of n-of-1 trials in healthy free-living individuals with normal blood pressure.”

11 people took part in the study which lasted just over a week.

The participants were given devices with which to take blood pressure and pulse wave velocity readings multiple times a day.

The participants were given a number of capsules to take.

Some of these capsules contained cocoa flavanols – beneficial plant compounds found in large amounts in dark chocolate or cocoa powder.

Some of the capsules were inactive placebo capsules with no cocoa.

The participants alternated between cocoa capsules and placebo capsules every day without knowing which they were taking.

This design helped the researchers look for short-term individual effects of cocoa flavanols on blood pressure and pulse wave velocity.

Pulse wave velocity measures arterial stiffness.

More flexible blood vessels decrease the risk of cardiovascular and neurovascular health problems.

“Each subject was provided with an upper arm blood pressure monitor and a finger clip that measures pulse wave velocity (PWV). Measurements of blood pressure, heart rate, and PWV were taken at least hourly over 12 h during the day by the participants.”

The cocoa flavanol supplement caused a rapid and statistically significant decrease in blood pressure and pulse wave velocity.

Previous studies had shown that cocoa could decrease blood pressure over months…

…but this study was able to show a significant decrease in just 12 hours.

“The overall mixed model analysis showed that cocoa flavanols significantly decreased 12-h systolic blood pressure and PWV.”

The researchers also confirmed that some people have a significantly stronger response to cocoa flavanols than others in relation to blood pressure and pulse wave velocity.

“Large inter-individual variation in responses was found.”

It’s certainly worth eating a couple of ounces of dark chocolate a day for a few months and seeing if you are a strong responder…

If you are looking for ways to lower your blood pressure.

“The data confirm that cocoa can decrease blood pressure and arterial stiffness in everyday life when elevated within the normal range.”

I think that dark chocolate will be even more beneficial in terms of blood pressure and pulse wave velocity…

…because it also contains magnesium and stearic acid, which can both be beneficial for blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

—-Important Message for Men Who Don’t Like Chocolate—-

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Assessing Variability in Vascular Response to Cocoa With Personal Devices: A Series of Double-Blind Randomized Crossover n-of-1 Trialshttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35769385/