The jungle juice recipe that gets you bulging down there

I brought this all the way back from Colombia…

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Here’s the strange jungle juice recipe that gets you bulging down there

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In all of my travels, I have never experienced anything like this…

There’s a bare-breasted beauty pointing at a plant…

…and through a translator, she’s telling me how she and her husband do it 10 times.

“Per week?” I ask.

“No,” the translator assured me, “per night.”

And then she’s showing me the jungle juice that she’s giving her husband every night


This is the worst sugar substitute men can possibly use

I have a friend who used to call Nutrasweet a totally different name.

She would always refer to it as “Nutri-poison” and would refuse to eat or drink anything that was sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

Since the late 1800s non-nutritive sweeteners have promised to deliver all the sweetness of sugar with none of the calories. They have long been believed to have no effect on the human body.

She was probably ahead of her time.

Artificial sweeteners, otherwise known as non-nutritive sweeteners actually are bad for you…

(Even though they’ve long been considered “safe.”)

…because they disrupt the body’s microbiome.

In a study published in Cell Press, researchers found that artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Nutrasweet, and Stevia can screw up your gut…

Affecting your blood sugar levels.

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You read that right! Fake sugar can mess up your gut balance and affect your blood sugar levels in negative ways.

Researchers publishing in the journal Cell on August 19 challenge this notion by finding that these sugar substitutes are not inert, and, in fact, some can alter human consumers’ microbiomes in a way that can change their blood sugar levels.

The first thing I’m going to tell you is to stop eating artificial sweeteners.

They’re not good for you and can cause health havoc in your body.

Astoundingly, researchers have known about this negative blood sugar reaction in mice since 2014!

In 2014, senior author Eran Elinav an immunologist and microbiome researcher at the Weizmann Institute of Science and the German National Cancer Center (DKFZ) and his team found that non-nutritive sweeteners affected the microbiomes of mice in ways that could impact their glycemic responses. The team was interested in whether these results would also be found in humans

But they are just now getting to the point where they are studying it in humans and what they are finding is bad news.

“When we looked at consumers of non-nutritive sweeteners as groups, we found that two of the non-nutritive sweeteners, saccharin and sucralose, significantly impacted glucose tolerance in healthy adults. Interestingly, changes in the microbes were highly correlated with the alterations noted in people’s glycemic responses.”

I think it’s CRAZY that people think that humans can somehow get away with eating fake food like substances without it having any effect on the body.

These fake sugars are really bad for the body and I personally don’t eat them at all.

“We need to raise awareness of the fact that non-nutritive sweeteners are not inert to the human body as we originally believed. With that said, the clinical health implications of the changes they may elicit in humans remain unknown and merit future long-term studies.”

It’s far better to eat real sugar, particularly sugar that’s found in fruit and fruit juice.

Those are the kinds of sugars that your brain and body need to produce energy.

Ultimately, I would encourage you to start reading labels.

You don’t want highly processed “fake food” ingredients in your gut.

They mess up how your body works and make it difficult to stay healthy.

Instead, you should eat real food with names you recognize.

It’s even better if you cook that food yourself, because then you can control what goes into your body.

Your health is greatly influenced by your gut and your gut is influenced by what you eat, so make sure what you eat is quality.

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Men who eat sugar have sugar-burning metabolisms — and here’s why that’s the BEST thing for a man…

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Most men are eating a lot of fat and very little sugar…

And the result is that a lot of men have a fat-burning metabolism — which isn’t very good…

A fat-burning metabolism sets a man up for diabetes, low testosterone, erections problems, obesity, even cancer…

So what men really want is a sugar-burning metabolism.

Because a hot, fast sugar-burning metabolism is the key to remaining young and healthy no matter how old you are.

Here’s how to kickstart your body into burning sugar again naturally — something any man can do at home…


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