Weird Nobel discovery can cure erections problems?

3 Nobel Prize winning Scientists discovered this antidote — a white substance previously thought to be an ‘atmospheric pollutant’

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Breakthrough in 1998: Nobel prize awarded to scientists for discovering a weird white substance that can cure erections problems

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Dateline 1998 — Scientists announce today the discovery of a weird white substance with the ability to make men rocky virtually on command.

In fact, these 3 scientists shared the Nobel prize for their discovery — and it also points the way to extended penile erections along with flexible youthful blood vessels..

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How to avoid vitamin B6 toxicity that leads to Alzheimer’s

Vitamin B6 is important for mental health, neurological function, and nervous system integrity.

B6 deficiency causes weakened immunity, anemia, seborrheic dermatitis, peripheral neuropathy, depression, convulsions, and seizures.

It can also cause elevated homocysteine, leading to serious cardiovascular disease.

In recent years, much research has come out implicating low levels of vitamin B6 as an increased risk factor for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

But if you’ve ever looked into vitamin B6 supplementation, you know there’s a lot of debate about its safety.

Over the last 20 years, there are endless reports of people taking vitamin B6 supplements and becoming ill.

They usually report symptoms similar to B6 deficiency, particularly neuropathy.

Dutch researchers may have finally discovered what’s behind all of this.

They found that one type of vitamin B6 inactivates the active form of the nutrient…

…implying that supplementing pyridoxine (B6) specifically may be the cause of vitamin B6 neuropathy.

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The cell experiments were performed at Maastricht University in The Netherlands. This paper was published in Toxicology in Vitro.

Vitamin B6 is a nutrient involved in processing energy substrates in the body and having a central role in the immune system and neurological functioning.

“Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that functions as a coenzyme in many reactions involved in amino acid, carbohydrates, and lipid metabolism.”

But there are many reports about serious and long-term problems believed to be caused by vitamin B6 supplementation.

“Since 2014, >50 cases of sensory neuronal pain due to vitamin B6 supplementation were reported.”

These cell experiments were designed to get to the bottom of this problem.

One of the issues is that there is not one single type of vitamin B6.

Instead, there are several different molecules which are considered vitamin B6.

These different molecules, known as the same vitamin, are defined as vitamers.

“Up to now, the mechanism of this toxicity is enigmatic, and the contribution of the various B6 vitamers to this toxicity is largely unknown.”

B6 has several vitamers, including pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine.

These different forms can be converted into the active coenzyme form of B6 called pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (PLP).

The researchers looked at these various forms of vitamin B6 to see if they caused neurotoxicity in human neuroblastoma and gut cells.

“Cells were exposed to pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, pyridoxal, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, or pyridoxamine-5-phosphate for 24h, after which cell viability was measured.”

The researchers looked at the effect of these different forms of vitamin B6 on proteins related to cell death.

In other words, do any of these forms of vitamin B6 kill brain cells, or nerve cells, or gut cells?

“The expression of Bax and caspase-8 was tested after the 24h exposure.”

They found that the pyridoxine form of vitamin B6 was neurotoxic.

Pyridoxine is the nutrient that is likely causing “vitamin B6 toxicity.”

They killed human brain cells at an accelerated rate.

“Pyridoxine induced cell death in a concentration-dependent way in SHSY5Y cells.”

The other forms of vitamin B6 all seemed fine.

Pyridoxine increases the proteins that accelerate cell death – this is the likely mechanism of its toxicity.

“Pyridoxine significantly increased the expression of Bax and casp-8.”

The researchers also found that pyridoxine inhibited the vitamin B6 coenzyme PLP.

This means that taking pyridoxine creates an effect something akin to a vitamin B6 deficiency

This is why the symptoms of B6 toxicity are often so similar to the symptoms of genuine B6 deficiency.

“Moreover, both pyridoxal-5-phosphate (PLP) dependent enzymes were inhibited by pyridoxine.”

The researchers seem to have gotten to the bottom of the mystery behind vitamin B6 toxicity.

“In conclusion, the present study indicates that the neuropathy observed after taking a relatively high dose of vitamin B6 supplements is due to pyridoxine.”

Pyridoxine – as pyridoxine hydrochloride – is the most common vitamer sold as vitamin B6.

It’s shelf-stable, cheap, and found in many multivitamins, supplements, and fortified foods.

This research indicates that the most common type of vitamin B6 is unsafe – at least in higher doses.

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The vitamin B6 paradox: Supplementation with high concentrations of pyridoxine leads to decreased vitamin B6 function