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Use this Himalayan penis secret for bigger, better boners

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This Himalayan penis secret reveals a way for any man to get bigger and perform better…

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Here’s the Himalayan penis secret for bigger, better boners


4 minerals that lead to rigid rockiness

Poor erections is something that can destroy self-confidence, marital happiness, and mental health.

According to mainstream health, it’s normal.

But it’s not.

Men’s penises can remain upright until they’re 120 years old.

I’m sure I wouldn’t be where I am now if I’d just accepted it and given up.

And m​​y member wouldn’t be pointing to the ceiling on a regular basis.

In today’s newsletter, we’re talking about another strategy that can revive your member.

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This study was conducted at Southeast University. It was published in Frontiers in Nutrition.

Minerals are essential nutrients that play a vital role in our overall health, and this includes sexual health.

In this study, the researchers investigated minerals and rockiness…

Specifically whether there is a relationship between the amount of certain minerals that people consume in their diet…

…and their risk of poor rockiness.

To do this, they collected data from a big survey called the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which included almost 4,000 men.

“A total of 3,745 individuals were included in the study, including 1,096 patients [with erections problems] and 2,649 participants without ‘rockiness problems.’”

Then they used a special type of analysis to look at the relationship.

The results will make you want to go and gorge on mineral-rich foods right now…

They found that dietary intake of trace metals was significantly higher in men with working members than men who experience poor rockiness.

Those minerals were:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Copper

“Dietary intake of trace metals (Mg, Zn, Cu, and Se) was significantly higher in participants without “rockiness problems” than in patients [with poor rockiness].”

Men who ate foods rich in these minerals didn’t experience any problems with their performance.

“Dose-response curve analysis showed a significant negative association between these dietary metal intakes and [the] prevalence [of erections problems].”

This is an important study because in the past, our soils were richer in nutrients – but nowadays, our soils are depleted of these nutrients.

So it’s even more critical to focus on getting these minerals in our diet.

These 4 minerals are super important for you and your member.

“Increasing dietary intake of trace metals (magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium) within the upper limit is beneficial in reducing the prevalence of ‘rockiness problems.’”

They are critical for maintaining healthy blood flow, hormone balance, and nerve function – all crucial factors in sexual health.

And a healthy diet that includes these minerals is not only great for sexual health, but for overall health too.

Most men don’t even know what these are – they pop little blue guys like crazy.

Eating a diet rich in these and maybe taking supplements (especially magnesium) is far more safe and natural than any other treatments.

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These 5 “flow” foods boost magnesium and boost blood flow

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I’ve discovered certain foods naturally rich in magnesium.

And these foods are perfect for giving men the magnesium they need to have great blood flow.

See, magnesium is important in relaxing the blood vessels to get good blood flow.

When the arteries are relaxed and flexible, more blood can flow through…

And that takes pressure off your heart, it helps raise testosterone, and it really gives men a big boost downstairs.

Here are the 5 “flow” foods that boost magnesium and boost blood flow (especially down there)


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