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2 vitamins that fight fatigue

A syndrome is a set of symptoms which consistently occur together – syndrome does not infer cause.

I don’t believe that there is 1 cause or 1 cure in terms of things like an underlying infection or nutrient deficiency for CFS.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) seems to be a set of symptoms which occur when there is a bottleneck on cellular energy production.

Previous research has shown that thyroid hormone helps some people a lot.

Vitamin B1 in high doses also tends to help many, but not all people, with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Recent research shows that two other energetic substances also play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome.

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The human research was carried out by Mentor Pharmaceutical Consulting. The paper was published in the International Journal of Psychiatry.

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a complex chronic condition, characterized by periods of extreme fatigue, for which an underlying medical condition has previously not been identified.”

Aside from long-term fatigue, symptoms include tiredness after exertion, muscle pain, unrefreshing sleep, headaches, brain fog, and depression.

As the authors of the study point out, these symptoms overlap with vitamin B12 deficiency.

“Many of the symptoms of CFS/ME are similar to those with vitamin B12 deficiency.”

This research involved analyzing metabolites in the urine of over 300 people with the condition.

The analysis revealed a clear pattern in these metabolites which indicated problems with the use of energy substrates.

The results showed a functional deficiency of vitamin B2 – riboflavin.

“Analysis of the data revealed that every individual within the cohort had a reduced efficiency to gain energy from fats, carbohydrates and protein, due to a functional deficiency in vitamin B2.”

Because of this deficiency, sufferers were unable to use sugar or fat efficiently.

This led to a buildup of toxic byproducts, notably lactic acid, which may be responsible for many of the non-fatigue side effects.

“Measurement revealed reduced metabolism of glucose (elevated lactic acid and pyruvic acid), fatty acids, and proteins as well as reduced metabolism of citric acid.”

The results of the urine analysis showed that cells did not have access to enough vitamin B12…

…even if the participants were eating the recommended daily allowance.

“In contrast to nutritional vitamin B12 deficiency, the majority of individuals with CFS have been shown to have functional vitamin B12 deficiency.”

In many participants there were even elevated levels of B12 in the blood – though it wasn’t being used inside the cell.

“This functional B12 deficiency occurred despite elevated serum B12 being found, and hence presents as Paradoxical vitamin B12 deficiency.”

Most people with CFS had a functional vitamin B2 deficiency.

“The majority of individuals with CFS have been shown to have functional vitamin B2 deficiency.”

The researchers believe that the inability of the cells to use B12, even when there is enough in the system, is a knock-on effect of vitamin B2 deficiency.

“The functional deficiency in vitamin B2 leads to a deficiency in functional vitamin B12. These deficiencies would ultimately lead to reduced methylation and cerebral creatine deficiency, with the accompanying symptoms.”

We can add vitamin B2 to the list of energetic substances which likely help with chronic fatigue syndrome.

The list already includes vitamin B12, high-dose vitamin B1, thyroid hormone where appropriate, and CoQ10.

“Maintenance of vitamin B12 functional activity is critically dependent upon functional B2 sufficiency.”

Some researchers have been pointing to the functional vitamin B12 deficiency in many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome for some time…

But this is the first time the underlying cause of vitamin B2 deficiency has been clearly identified.

“Because of B12 dependence in B2, in the resolution of CFS there must first be resolution of functional B2 deficiency before treatment with vitamin B12 can be effective.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Functional Vitamin B12 deficiency in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome