Titanium dioxide is in everything and it hurts males down there

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It’s hiding in a lot of things you may use every day…

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Beware this dangerous additive causing memory problems in men

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The number of guys getting diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia is increasing for one big reason…

Mainly a dangerous additive that we are consuming on the daily…

An additive that is knowingly put into our foods and drinks, even though it’s toxic for men…

It turns into dangerous fatty deposits all over the body, and when it reaches the brain, it’s disastrous…

It leads to amyloid plaques that are proven to cause terrible, life-altering diseases like Alzheimer’s.

And it’s in so many foods, even natural, organic, so-called “healthy foods”…

Here’s what to do before it’s too late — protect your mind and body from this dangerous additive


Titanium dioxide is in everything and it hurts males down there

Titanium dioxide is used in food, creams, supplements and treatments as a whitening agent.

It has become increasingly popular as an additive in treatments and supplements in recent years.

Some additives are harmless and some cause a little harm, but titanium dioxide is a real problem.

I was first alerted to the problems of titanium dioxide when I read research showing that it causes inflammation in the gut.

Once that happens, a host of other problems will follow.

Just recently, France banned the use of titanium dioxide in all food products.

Other countries will do this too, but how long will it take?

One of the things that titanium dioxide does is raise blood sugar and cause insulin resistance.

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These animal experiments were performed at the Harbin Institute of Technology in China. Research was published by the Journal of Applied Toxicology.

This research looked at nano titanium dioxide — this just means really small particles of this additive.

This form is particularly used in things like sun cream — it easily slips through the skin into circulation.

The researchers carried out experiments on mice. The mice were split into different groups.

Some mice didn’t receive any titanium dioxide.

Others received low-dose and yet another group received high doses of titanium dioxide.

The animals were exposed to the common additive for a period of 1 to 14 weeks.

Titanium dioxide travelled all throughout the body and tended to accumulate in some of the most important organs.

“Increased titanium levels were found in the liver, spleen, small intestine, kidney and pancreas.”

The researchers found that the more titanium dioxide the animals were exposed to the more their blood sugar levels increased.

“Biochemical analysis showed that blood sugar significantly increased.”

The researchers also found an increase in reactive oxygen species — something that indicates there is inflammation in the body.

“Increased reactive oxygen species levels were found in the blood and the liver.”

The researchers also found that titanium dioxide caused insulin resistance.

In this case the titanium dioxide was given orally — the same route as treatment or supplement exposure to the additive.

“Oral administration of titanium dioxide induced insulin resistance in the mouse liver.”

Insulin resistance and high blood sugar almost always occur when there are gut problems.

Titanium dioxide harms the gut which sets about a chain of events causing blood sugar dysregulation and insulin resistance.

The researchers found increases in inflammatory proteins which are linked to development of diabetes and the metabolic syndrome.

This type of inflammation usually stems from gut problems too.

“Titanium dioxide increases reactive oxygen species and causes insulin resistance by increasing inflammatory proteins TNF-α and IL-6.”

The gut problems caused by titanium dioxide can lead to insulin resistance and type II diabetes.

We don’t know yet how much titanium dioxide it takes to cause these problems in humans.

“The results show that oral administration of titanium dioxide results in insulin resistance and increased blood sugar in mice.”

This additive has become the go-to whitening agent for many treatments, supplements, creams, and pastes.

It is one of a handful of additives that I always look for when choosing supplements.

It’s also one to try and avoid even if it is in your treatments — I would look for another formulation of the same treatment without titanium dioxide if possible.

Eventually most countries will ban this additive like France has done this year…

But who knows how long that will take?

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Titanium dioxide nanoparticles increase plasma glucose via reactive oxygen species-induced insulin resistance in mice