This natural supplement reduces stress better than drugs

This natural supplement reduces stress better than drugs
This natural supplement reduces stress better than drugs

There’s no question that stress causes disease.

But stress does something else.

When the body is stressed, the brain is stressed.

And when the brain is stressed, higher levels of thinking are shut down.

People are often confused by the word “stress.”

Stress can be bodily, and it can be mental.

Whenever you are sick even with a cold, your body is highly stressed.

If you have a stomach ache, you have stress.

If you have a feeling of not getting enough done, or of not being good enough, you have stress.

In this newsletter, I want to show you the most powerful and potent way of reducing stress.

Whether you have a disease or medical problem, this can help you.

If you have some stress in your life, you will find that the solution we talk about may have powerful, helpful effects.

And it may help you more than any other drug or any supplement!


In this first study, they used mice and analyzed the effect of exposing the mice to various stressful situations.

The researchers analyzed the hormonal and brain constituents of the mice after they had exposed mice to stress.

They determined that stressing out the mouse, creates a hormone called Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH).

CRH then leads to the secretion of cortisol in the body.

We all recognize cortisol is a stress hormone.

But the master agent telling the body to produce cortisol comes from CRH in the brain first.

So whatever we do, if we want to get stress under control, we have to lower the amount of CRH that our brain is producing.

And remember I’m talking about both physical and mental and emotional stress here.

So in this next study, they tested various substances called neurosteroids.

Neurosteroids are a form of steroid that is produced by the brain.

They are responsible for modifying signals within the brain.

Researchers wanted to determine if any neurosteroids could prevent the CRH production in the brain.


The most potent natural chemical found to vastly reduce the production of CRH, is called allopregnanolone.

In the body, cholesterol is first turned into allopregnanolone.

It turns out that allopregnanolone is a very powerful way of lowering secretion of CRH.

So allopregnanolone could be a way of reducing stress in the body.

In the studies, the CRH hormone was reduced 60% by a reasonable amount of allopregnanolone!

And you can buy allopregnanolone very easily on

You can also find it in your local health food or from another online source.

Allopregnanolone is incredibly effective at reducing stress.

And it has many positive effects.

People take from 10 mg to 1000 mg or more of allopregnanolone for months (or years) on end without any real effect.

Allopregnanolone can vastly reduce stress, yet has your doctor ever mentioned it to you?

Doctors are constantly being brainwashed by big Pharma to prescribe SSRI drugs.

SSRI drugs have a host of bad side effects.

Side effects include low libido, inhibiting good erections, and causing withdrawal symptoms.

Allopregnanolone has NONE of those bad effects.

Before you take anything, talk to your doctor about it first.

He or she should know all about allopregnanolone.

And if they don’t, this is a good opportunity for them to get versed on it.

Remember, allopregnanolone is a natural compound that you already have in your body.

All cholesterol is turned into allopregnanolone.

From there, the allopregnanolone is turned to other necessary steroids and hormones in your body.

But you can take allopregnanolone as a supplement.

And you’ll often get great effects through stress reduction — as the study shows.


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