This is the best natural fat burner ever discovered for men

They banned it because it worked too well… but I’m bringing it back…

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Now available again for the first time since 1933 — the best natural fat burner EVER discovered for men

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It was too good to be true…

In the 1930s, scientists discovered a powerful natural fat burner that blasts away fat without diet or exercise.

They called it Thermo 3.

Men everywhere started using it to replace fat with lean muscle, improve their energy levels, and get the best erections of their life.

But then the powers that be decided it was too easy and too effective… Thermo 3 was making gyms, diet programs, and health clubs obsolete.

So they banned this natural fat burner and kept it secret from us for more than 100 years.

But now I’ve got something that’s even better — a simple activity that mimics the benefits of Thermo 3, allowing you to “breathe the fat out”…


These athletes are in bad physical shape!

Hey, Matt Cook here, and let me just tell you — the phrase “fit and healthy” can be very misleading…

Fitness in this sense means the ability to perform cardiovascular exercise at an extreme level.

Long-distance runners, cyclists, and swimmers are the “fittest” people.

But are they the healthiest?

I don’t think so.

The reason for this is that excessive training causes the body to go into a defensive mode, in which it starts to shut down energy production.

The body wants to prevent us from the harms of overtraining – but downregulating energy production itself causes ill health.

In a recent series of experiments, scientists found that overtraining impaired mitochondrial function.

The mitochondria are the tiny organelles which produce all of our energy.

Alongside mitochondrial dysfunction, the researchers saw a decrease in glucose tolerance as a result of excessive exercise.

All this while exercise performance [fitness] would have increased.

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The human study was carried out at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden. The findings are published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

For healthy people, a little exercise can be a good thing.

“Exercise training positively affects metabolic health by increasing mitochondrial oxidative capacity and improving glucose regulation.”

Mitochondrial oxidative capacity refers to the ability of your cells to generate lots of energy in an efficient manner.

It’s one of the most important factors in your overall health.

Glucose regulation is your body’s ability to manage blood sugar levels and supply the cells with fuel.

The authors of this study were interested in whether too much exercise could harm energy production and blood sugar.

“However, the upper limit of the amount of exercise associated with beneficial therapeutic effects has not been clearly identified.”

To learn more, the researchers designed a 4 week long experiment.

During the experiment, healthy participants were put through cardiovascular exercise routines.

The exercise intensity increased over time during the start of the study.

The researchers tracked mitochondrial oxidative capacity and glucose tolerance.

Initially, mitochondrial oxidative capacity – the ability to produce energy efficiently – increased.

Blood sugar regulation also improved in the first part of the experiment.

But as the exercise intensity kept increasing, the researchers saw clear signs of deteriorating health.

Eventually, everyone hit a wall and their health deteriorated.

Energy production began to drop. The mitochondria were becoming poisoned with overproduction of reactive oxygen species.

Glucose tolerance also began to decrease.

Both blood sugar control and energy production ended up worse than they were before the exercise experiment began.

“Following the week with the highest exercise load, we found a striking reduction in intrinsic mitochondrial function that coincided with a disturbance in glucose tolerance and insulin secretion.”

Backing off on the exercise fixed the problems.

In these healthy volunteers, too much exercise caused energetic and metabolic problems.

It is true that the little exercise actually improved the same parameters.

But for people whose health is not as good to begin with, even a little exercise of this kind could amplify their problems.

The researchers wondered whether there was some point at which the body adapted and overcame these health problems.

Or if world-class athletes had some intrinsic ability to sidestep the health problems caused by extreme “fitness”.

What they found was that world-class athletes experienced the same problems due to their excessive exercise regimen.

“We also assess continuous blood glucose profiles in world-class endurance athletes and found that they had impaired glucose control compared with the matched control group.

For many people, movement and a little exercise can have profound benefits.

But there is a point where exercise becomes excessive and clearly causes major harms to health.

Next time you see a newspaper story where a young, “fit” athlete suddenly dies of heart attack or an infectious disease…

…a story whereby everyone was shocked because the person was so “fit and healthy”…

…you understand that while they may have been extremely “fit,” they really weren’t that healthy after all.

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One thing older men are doing to have intercourse every day

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I studied men living to 110 and 120 who are in great health…

…not taking treatments from the doc, not living in nursing homes, not using walkers, or canes, or wheelchairs…

None of these men work out.

And yet they are strong and healthy enough to have intercourse everyday or every other day!

And not just good sex, GREAT sex. As if they are men in their prime, in their 20s and 30s!

And I’ve identified one single thing these older men are doing (that I am now doing myself) that leads to a very long and sexy life.

Keep in mind, these men routinely smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and eat what they want.

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Here’s the amazing discovery that lets these men live to 115 or 120 or more and still “do it” with their wives or girlfriends


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Excessive exercise training causes mitochondrial functional impairment and decreases glucose tolerance in healthy volunteers