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A pleasurable death

Have you ever heard the creepy old tales about sirens?

Sirens are supposedly very beautiful mermaid-like creatures that draw men in with songs of love and devotion…

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…before dragging them to a watery death… Very romantic.

Well as the legend goes, men who die from sirens have unusually high levels of oxytocin in their blood…

And people call oxytocin the love hormone.

You know how it feels when you first fall in love — the whole weak in the knees, tattoo you on my chest thing? That’s oxytocin.

And this part of the legend actually has some truth to it — because oxytocin is real.

It’s a hormone produced during sex — that’s why you feel so incredible when you get busy, LOL.

And I’ve found a way to increase oxytocin so you can feel that good all the time.

And it brings you closer to your woman, if you have one. And it will draw beautiful inquisitive women to you like magnets if you’re single!

And don’t worry, my method does not involve water or sirens ��

Here’s how to live the high oxytocin life and feel incredible happiness and pleasure, and connect more intimately with a woman


Should men drink coffee?

Matt Cook here, and have you seen the ads for all the alternative coffee drinks out there lately?

Some of these are super dark hot chocolate, while others are made from functional mushrooms.

These drinks are mostly fine…

…but what they all have in common is a marketing message that says something like “coffee is bad, but this drink is good for you.”

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It seems that in America there is a widespread cultural belief that coffee is bad for you.

But is it really?

When you look at the science that’s been done on coffee, you’ll find that it’s actually quite good for your body and has a lot of health benefits.

I’m going to show you several different studies that show different health benefits to drinking coffee.

For instance, the first study that I’m looking at today shows that if you drink between 3 and 4 cups of coffee a day…

…you are less likely to get diabetes.

As of today, there is mounting evidence of the reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes by regular coffee drinkers of 3-4 cups a day. The effects are likely due to the presence of chlorogenic acids and caffeine, the two constituents of coffee in higher concentration after the roasting process.

Diabetes is a devastating disease. It’s one you can live with, but it’s not easy to manage and it can be quite expensive.

Drinking coffee to help prevent it seems like an easy win to me.

Study number 2 shows that if you are a coffee drinker you are less likely to get stroke, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.

Habitual coffee consumption is also associated with lower risks for cardiovascular (CV) death and a variety of adverse CV outcomes, including coronary heart disease (CHD), congestive heart failure (HF), and stroke

Heart disease remains a leading cause of death worldwide.

But drinking coffee can help lower the risk! Pretty amazing for such a delicious habit!

In study number 3, researchers show that coffee consumption lowers all causes of mortality or death from any cause.

That means that if you drink coffee you’re likely to live longer.

We identified 40 studies including 3,852,651 subjects and 450,256 all-cause and cause-specific deaths. Non-linear inverse associations between coffee consumption and mortality from all-causes, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and cancers were found.

Personally, I’ll take a chance at living longer by drinking my morning cup of joe. How about you?

Study 4 shows that if you have abdominal surgery you will be able to poop faster if you drink coffee. This speeds up your recovery.

Coffee intake after elective laparoscopic colorectal resection leads to faster recovery of bowel function. Therefore, coffee intake represents a simple and effective strategy to prevent postoperative ileus.

Coffee has well known effects for helping people have bowel movements. It looks like this isn’t an urban legend after all.

And study 5 shows that coffee, and the caffeine in it, can be protective against Alziehmer’s disease.

In conclusion, the reports of studies on experimental AD models generally supported the notion that caffeine may exert some beneficial effects in AD.

I don’t love the idea of dementia of any type, so I’m thrilled that I might be able to reduce my risk with my daily coffee habit.

Overall, the effects of coffee consumption are positive.

If you’ve been avoiding coffee because you think it’s bad for your health, then you may want to start drinking it now.

Because the studies show that it’s quite good for you!

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This drink helps remove toxic blood fat from your arteries for better boners

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Imagine a pipe filled with sludge.

We’re talking thick, packed in, glue-like sludge all inside the pipe.

Now picture trying to get water through that pipe…

It’s going to be a little difficult, isn’t it? All that thick sludge is blocking up the pipe…

And now you’re getting maybe a trickle of water, if that.

Well that’s what happens to blood flow when men’s arteries are full of blood fat!

And you’ve probably never even been warned about blood fat.

But it’s deadly and toxic, and ruins a man’s rockiness.

That’s why I’m spreading the word about this yummy drink that removes toxic blood fat.

It can greatly help your health, and make an even bigger impact on your sexual performance.

Here’s the drink that washes penile chambers clean from blood fat for the best erections you’ve had in years


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