Protecting your heart when you are having sex

This works in 90 seconds — and gives many men an instant boner…

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Protecting your heart when you are having sex

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I’ve discovered a 90 second exercise that is highly heart protective.

It opens up the blood vessels, improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and takes stress off the heart.

Why does it work so fast? How is this even possible?

And why does it make it so easy for a man to get a raging boner when he uses this 90 second exercise before sex?

I’m revealing it all here, along with the free 90 second exercise that makes your heart healthy enough for sex


Does lowering cholesterol make men live longer?

Cholesterol is an important substance.

It’s the building block of testosterone and a vast number of other essential and protective hormones.

Some of these hormones, known as neurosteroids, are often overlooked…

…but they are extremely important for mental health and cognitive function.

Cholesterol itself is essential for normal brain function.

We’ve been told that we need to keep cholesterol levels down – down to levels that really aren’t healthy at all.

Cholesterol is seen as a toxin, something which clogs up the blood vessels and causes an excess of deaths. There is little evidence for this.

But the role of cholesterol in hormonal, mental, and cognitive health…

…means that driving down cholesterol increases deaths from a number of causes, including accidents and suicides.

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The review of human research was carried out at the University of Pittsburgh. This paper was published in the BMJ.

“To determine the effects of lowering cholesterol concentrations on total and cause-specific mortality in randomized primary prevention trials.”

The researchers looked at the effect of cholesterol reduction on overall deaths…

…as well as on deaths from specific causes like heart disease and cancer.

The researchers analyzed data from 6 human trials.

“Qualitative (meta-analytic) evaluation of total mortality from coronary heart disease, cancer, and causes not related to illness in six primary prevention trials of cholesterol reduction.”

Over 24,000 men were included in total.

Their health was tracked for an average of 5 years where they underwent treatments to lower their cholesterol levels.

Overall, the researchers had information on over 100,000 years of human life.

Over a thousand deaths occurred during the course of the six trials undergoing analysis.

“Follow up periods totalled 119,000 person years, during which 1147 deaths occurred.”

There was a slight reduction in death from coronary heart disease in men undergoing cholesterol reduction.

But reducing cholesterol was not associated with a decreased risk of death from all causes in this massive study.

“Mortality from coronary heart disease tended to be lower in men receiving interventions to reduce cholesterol concentrations compared with mortality in control subjects, although total mortality was not affected by treatment.

There was also no clear relationship between reducing cholesterol and cancer.

“No consistent relation was found between reduction of cholesterol concentrations and mortality from cancer.”

The researchers did find a significant increase in deaths from accidents, suicide and violence.

I believe this is due to the detrimental effect of lowering cholesterol levels on brain, cognitive and mental health.

It’s also probably due to the reduction in testosterone levels caused by decreasing cholesterol.

Testosterone is essential for mental health, particularly that of men.

“There was a significant increase in deaths not related to illness (deaths from accidents, suicide, or violence) in groups receiving treatment to lower cholesterol concentrations relative to controls.”

The researchers called for further investigation into the relationship between cholesterol reduction and deaths from suicide, violence, and accidents.

It’s not the first time that I’ve seen this call made in a research paper, but cholesterol-lowering treatments are big business.

“The association between reduction of cholesterol concentrations and deaths not related to illness warrants further investigation.”

The way the media and some healthcare professionals talk…

…you might think that cholesterol-lowering treatments are among the most life-extending discoveries ever made.

But the reality is that they really do not decrease mortality at all.

“Additionally, the failure of cholesterol lowering to affect overall survival justifies a more cautious appraisal of the probable benefits of reducing cholesterol concentrations in the general population.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

—-Important Message: How to Use Cholesterol for Better Boners—-

Steroidogenesis turns extra cholesterol into high testosterone — gives erections a major lift

I’ve discovered a natural way to get the body to take extra cholesterol…

…and transport it down to the testicles where the Leydig cells are…

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…and turn this extra cholesterol into natural testosterone!

To tell you the truth, it’s actually a natural process the body does automatically…

…called steroidogenesis

…your body makes testosterone this way…out of cholesterol!

But sometimes this process gets disrupted as men age, and from the meds we’re taking, and the foods we’re eating…

…the cholesterol piles up…but the process of steroidogenesis isn’t taking place…

And the result?

Low T. High cholesterol.

Uh oh!

But now comes something that can fix this…

So if you want an easy way to convert extra cholesterol into testosterone while getting a major boost downstairs… try this


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Lowering cholesterol concentrations and mortality: a quantitative review of primary prevention trials