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Do this when you’re alone – leads to better partner sex

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What sitting around says about your lifespan

There’s been a lot of hype in the news over the last few decades about genetics and health.

And while certain diseases like sickle cell anemia have a strong genetic component…

…most of the “news” about genetics and health is way overblown.

Except in specific circumstances, the way you live your life has far more impact on your health than genetics does.

But that doesn’t stop news outlets from creating headlines that trumpet the role of genetics in health…

…even while they mostly ignore less sexy lifestyle factors.

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A study from the University of California took an interesting approach to answering the lifestyle versus genetics question.

We know that some people have genetic profiles that predispose them to longevity and others to shorter lifespans.

The question the researchers posed was…

…does physical activity or sitting around a lot (being sedentary) influence how long a person will live, despite their genetics?

“The goal of this research was to understand whether associations between physical activity and sedentary time with death varied based on different levels of genetic predisposition for longevity,” said lead author Alexander Posis, M.P.H., a fourth-year doctoral student in the San Diego State University/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health.

Based on the work I do with hundreds of thousands of men, the results don’t surprise me.

People who were physically active at ANY LEVEL lived longer and people who were highly sedentary died sooner.

This was true no matter what people’s genetics were like.

In other words, your genetics don’t mean as much as you’ve been led to believe.

The prospective study found that higher levels of light physical activity and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity were associated with lower risk of death. Higher sedentary time was associated with higher risk of mortality. These associations were consistent among women who had different levels of genetic predisposition for longevity.

I tell people this all the time.

You have far more control over your health and your life than you might think based on “popular” news headlines.

Taking action based on that very real control is what will get you great results.

“Our study showed that, even if you aren’t likely to live long based on your genes, you can still extend your lifespan by engaging in positive lifestyle behaviors such as regular exercise and sitting less,” said senior author Aladdin H. Shadyab, Ph.D., assistant professor at the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science at UC San Diego. “Conversely, even if your genes predispose you to a long life, remaining physically active is still important to achieve longevity.”

If you want to be physically and mentally healthy, then it’s important to get a moderate amount of physical activity and to eat the right kinds of foods.

It’s not as glamorous as a blockbuster new chemical…

…but the research says that lifestyle is very important when it comes to living a long time.

Beyond physical exercise, there are other things that you can do as well to address issues as varied as erections problems to diabetes.

I go over many of the ways you can take control of your health in my Transformations.

Personally, I have faced (and overcome) many health issues in my life…

And I know from personal experience, and from my experience helping my students…

…that you have FAR more control over your health then Big Pharma or the medical establishment would have you believe.

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