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How to shrink enlarged prostate

Doctors treat your prostate as if it were sitting in a jar somewhere by itself.

It’s as if there’s nobody connected to it — it’s just the prostate all by itself.

This is probably responsible for the terrible state of prostate treatment in the Western world.

Can sweet wormwood ensure you NEVER have prostate cancer?

Study: “[this simple herb] has the potential to be developed as a potent anti-prostate cancer therapeutic”

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Diabetes deemed one the most expensive diseases – but here’s how you can fix it for $2

Can this “sea fruit” fix your prostate?

It contains a mineral that can make old men as fertile as young stallions.

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“It’s like I had been wearing 3 condoms…and I just took them off…”

Estrogen causes prostate inflammation

Leave it to the Egyptians to help us connect the dots with what is causing prostate problems and inflammation — and how to fix it.

In this study, the researchers induced prostate inflammation in mice.

How estrogen causes prostate inflammation

It’s been a mystery to doctors and pharmaceutical corporations, what really causes large prostates.

But I’m going to show that we already know the cause of prostate problems in men.

And it’s already verified to be true.

This is why you might have prostate inflammation

I’ve been telling you for a long time that prostate inflammation is not what it seems.

Prostate inflammation is caused by higher estrogen levels.

It’s brought about by inflammation throughout the body.

This can help you shrink your prostate

So many men have an enlarged prostate.

The first step to finding a cure for prostate issues is understanding what causes them.

We have two things that can help you shrink your prostate.