Can sweet wormwood ensure you NEVER have prostate cancer?

Can sweet wormwood ensure you NEVER have prostate cancer?

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Study: “[this simple herb] has the potential to be developed as a potent anti-prostate cancer therapeutic”

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Can sweet wormwood ensure you NEVER have prostate cancer?

Cancer research is still based on finding a “magic bullet” that is supposed to target some chemical process in the body which this magic bullet will fix.

But the magic bullet theory has not borne much fruit.

Cancer deaths are actually no lower than they used to be.

On top of that, men are getting terrible results from debilitating treatments.

Especially with prostate cancer, where treatment often leads to long-term or permanent impotence.

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However, in some cases, there may be some merit to the concept of a natural or pharma magic bullet that can slow cancer or increase tumor resistance.

I want to tell you about one of those now.

This powerful natural remedy can control the SP1 pathway (SP1 is a protein that can regulate a cancer-promoting process).

It can often stop prostate cancer or even reverse it.

It’s called artemisinin and it’s derived from the herb sweet wormwood, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The researchers in this study found that SP1 is a very important target if you want to slow down, stop, or even reverse prostate cancer.

According to this article, some substances that can target SP1 include:

quercetin, betulinic acid, acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid, tea phenols, isothiocyanates, thiazolidinediones, arsenic trioxide, and selenium

Artemisinin is another compound that targets SP1 and it is especially useful for prostate cancer.

It is the subject of a lot of research because the Big Pharma companies would like to come up with a patented molecule.

You can’t patent a molecule that is found naturally in an herb.

A lot of people are already trying artemisinin, and I’ve written about it before.

But I thought I would share this study with you.

Remember, nothing I say here is to be construed as telling you not to see your doctor or that you should treat your cancer yourself.

That is a decision for you to make with your doctor.

The study is very extensive. Researchers began by testing the effects of artemisinin on tissues in test tubes.

Then they moved on to mice.

They grafted cancer onto the mice and treated the mice with artemisinin.

They measured what happened to the cancer:

artemisinin not only inhibited the growth of the cancer grafts, but also reduced the size of many of the tumors

But what about side effects?

mice treated with artemisinin did not display signs of adverse side effects – there were no alterations in chow consumption, water drinking, movement in the cage, skin discoloration, or weight gain

So that’s all good. Artemisinin can be tried fairly easily, with the supervision of your doctor of course.

You can buy a standardized extract or you can use the powder or ground up leaves to make a tea. People are using various protocols and they do seem to have promising results.

It seems to be most helpful for prostate cancer but may work for other cancers as well. Many cancers seem to use this same SP1 pathway that artemisinin is targeting.

But I will let the researchers have the last word here:

artemisinin has the potential to be developed as a potent anti-prostate cancer therapeutic

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Targeting SP1 Transcription Factor in Prostate Cancer Therapy, Artemisinin blocks prostate cancer growth and cell cycle progression by disrupting Sp1 interactions with the cyclin-dependent kinase-4 (CDK4) promoter and inhibiting CDK4 gene expression  

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