Estrogen causes prostate inflammation

Estrogen causes prostate inflammation

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Leave it to the Egyptians to help us connect the dots with what is causing prostate problems and inflammation — and how to fix it.

In this study, the researchers induced prostate inflammation in mice.

They noticed that wherever the prostate was inflamed, cells would multiply like crazy.

This would inflame the prostate because all those new cells would make it bigger.

It’s like when you inflate a balloon by adding more and more air.

In addition, the Egyptian researchers discovered that the inflamed prostate produces estrogen.

The estrogen circulates throughout the whole body.

Local inflammation enhances estrogen synthesis.

It seems that any organ that’s inflamed generates estrogen.

So estrogen is one of the markers of inflammation.

The reason estrogen is higher in women connects to their menstrual cycles.

When women are menstruating, they need to be able to produce a placenta to line their uterus for a possible child.

That means each month they must have a vast number of new cells in the uterus.

That’s where estrogen comes in.

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Estrogen shoots up for a few days causing the cells to proliferate.

This creates that lining in the uterus.

But when a woman doesn’t become pregnant, all of these cells are obsolete.

So progesterone kicks in and estrogen falls, so the uterine lining thins and is expelled.

Women who are in menopause do not produce excess estrogen at all because they don’t need that lining anymore.

And it is often the case that men have higher estrogen levels than their menopausal wives.

Prostate inflammation is one of the dangers of estrogen in men.

Now we see that an inflamed prostate produces estrogen.

In fact, estrogen is produced whenever there is inflammation.

And high estrogen levels cause the prostate to inflame and multiply itself, so it gets bigger, expands, and creates discomfort.

Which means that high estrogen is one of the biggest causes of prostate inflammation.

So what should you do to fight prostate problems?

Well, what you can do is fight estrogen.

Vitamin E and aspirin are two very good ways of lowering estrogen.

There are some other ways of lowering estrogen.

These include some aromatase inhibitors which can help lower the inflammation.

And then it will reduce the size of the prostate.

In some cases, progesterone may be a great help.



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Local inflammation influences estrogen metabolism in prostatic tissue 

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