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Use this mechanotransduction blood flow secret for bigger, better boners

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Acoustic wave therapy for better rockiness

80% of the time, poor rockiness is related to poor blood flow.

If a man’s vascular health is suffering, then his member will too.

So, it’s crucial to boost blood flow, because you need a lot of blood down there.

If the vessels are clear, there likely won’t be any problem.

There are ways to open up those vessels and boost blood flow.

Today let’s talk about a method that’s fairly new, but yields very effective results…

Acoustic wave therapy.

Acoustic wave therapy, also called shock therapy, is a type of medical treatment that uses low-intensity shock waves.

These waves are used to improve blood flow to certain parts of the body – in this case, the penis.

This treatment is non-invasive (doesn’t require surgery).

It works by promoting the growth of new blood vessels in the penis.

Although it’s quite new, it’s being studied as a potential treatment for poor rockiness, with promising results.

Let’s look at one of those studies:

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This study was conducted at Sheba Medical Center, Israel. It was published in Sexual Medicine Reviews.

The researchers did 2 things:

  • They searched previous studies to see how acoustic wave therapy works
  • They did their own experiment to see if it was effective.

From previous studies, they found that this technique was quite effective…

…and the mechanism is the growth of new blood vessels.

From the results of numerous preclinical and animal studies that have been done to date, sufficient evidence shows that the underlying mechanism of action of Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) is probably neovascularization. Therefore, local application of LI-ESWT to the corpora cavernosa may potentially act in the same mechanism and increase corporal blood flow.”

For their experiments, the researchers recruited men with poor erections who’d been taking PDE5 inhibitors (rhymes with “Niagara”).

Some of these men responded well to the treatment, and some did not.

The researchers applied the therapy to the men’s penises, and then monitored their erections over time.

They also looked at whether the men were able to have sex.

They found that acoustic wave therapy is effective at giving men towel-hanging erections in both groups of men.

In the group that was taking PDE5 inhibitors, the therapy helped them to stop taking the treatment, and still be able to achieve erections and have sex about 60-75% of the time.

“We found that the application of LI-ESWT to patients who responded to oral therapy (PDE5i) eliminated their dependence on PDE5i, and they were able to successfully achieve ‘rockiness’ and vaginal penetration (60-75%).”

For the men who weren’t getting good results from PDE5 inhibitors…

… the shock wave therapy helped them start having better results, and they could have sex about 72% of the time.

“Furthermore, PDE5i non-responders became responders and capable of vaginal penetration (72%).”

The researchers also found that the patient’s erections lasted for a LONG time.

“Additionally, LI-ESWT resulted in long-term improvement of the ‘rockiness’ mechanism.”

I think this new therapy definitely deserves some attention.

The studies on it look very promising.

This therapy can be tried in combination with a healthy diet.

“LI-ESWT has the potential to improve and permanently restore ‘rockiness’ function by reinstating the penile blood flow.”

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