Was Dr. Atkins right or wrong about this 1 food?

237 men are eating it every day and living past 100… while Dr. Atkins died at age 72…

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—-Important Message About the Atkins Diet—-

Is this 1 food good or bad for men?

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Remember Dr. Robert Atkins, diet guru and author of the all time best selling diet book?

Dr. Atkins advocated very heavily against 1 particular food…

…1 food that I believe helps men live to 110 and 120…

But Dr. Atkins did not eat this 1 food and told everyone it was very bad for you…

But here’s the thing —

Robert Atkins died in his seventies. He didn’t live very long at all.

Now people will say: “He slipped on ice, Matt.”

And yes, he slipped on ice, but Dr. Atkins actually had a heart attack.

He had hardening of the arteries…he was obese… He was in very bad health…

And other gurus who avoided this 1 food met similar fates, dying far younger than they should have…

Like Nathan Pritikin and Euell Gibbons, both dying in their 60s.

So YOU decide — is this 1 food bad for men… or is this 1 food actually the key to living healthy and happy until 100 and beyond?


My opinion on keto diets

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is a very high-fat, very low-carbohydrate, low-protein diet.

It first became popular with the Atkins diet back in the 1970s.

It went out of fashion, and then returned as a trend about 15 years ago.

I have followed very closely the ups and downs of those who promote and subscribe to the ketogenic diet.

I did not expect the diet to have good long-term results…

…and it’s very clear that many people have a positive short-term response to the diet…

…but over time their health deteriorates significantly.

Recent animal experiments have shown a previously unknown effect of this diet, which partly explains why the benefits are rapidly lost.

Researchers found that the ketogenic diet quickly increases gamma delta T cells – cells which decrease inflammation.

This helps with metabolic problems like diabetes.

But the effect is short-lived, and as the gamma delta T cells drop the animals become sicker and sicker – just like keto celebrities.

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The research was carried out at Yale School of Medicine. The findings were published in Nature Metabolism.

The authors of this study were interested in the effect of the ketogenic diet on inflammation produced by fat cells.

Inflammation from fat cells has a major role in diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

“The extremely high-fat composition of this diet raises the question of how ketosis affects fat tissue to control inflammation and energy use.”

First they carried out some cell experiments where they looked at immune markers produced by fat cells in a ketogenic state.

Those ketogenic fat cells produced elevated levels of gamma delta T cells…

…cells which help to control the inflammation which causes diabetes and other health problems.

“We found that the ketogenic diet expands metabolically protective gamma delta T cells that restrain inflammation.”

This could be a very beneficial effect of the ketogenic diet – if it can be sustained.

So the researchers carried out a number of experiments on different groups of mice to look at the levels of protective gamma delta T cells over time.

They found that the boost in gamma delta T cells didn’t last very long at all.

5 days into the ketogenic diet, the animals had normal or lower levels of gamma delta T cells.

“Long-term ketogenic diet feeling in mice depletes the gamma delta T cells.”

In the medium to long term these mice got sicker – just like people on the ketogenic diet.

And just like people, these mice got obese and their metabolic issues began to spiral out of control as they maintained the ketogenic diet.

“Long-term ketogenic diet feeding in mice causes obesity and impairs metabolic health.

Short-term studies in mice and humans looking at the effects of the ketogenic diet can look very promising.

But the medium- to long-term effects are not worth it.

The researchers carried out more research investigating the health of mice who do not produce any gamma delta T cells.

They found that these gamma delta T cell-deficient mice had problems controlling their blood sugar.

This explains that the effect of the keto diet on gamma delta T cells…

…could be directly responsible for short-term improvement and long-term deterioration of type II diabetes and other metabolic issues.

“Mice lacking gamma delta T cells have impaired glucose homeostasis.”

The long-term effects of the ketogenic diet are precisely the opposite of the short-term effects.

Long-term, the ketogenic diet increases inflammation, obesity, blood sugar problems, and insulin resistance.

I’ve also written about the strong link between the ketogenic diet and other chronic diseases like cancer.

On the contrary, high-carbohydrate diets clearly help with metabolic issues like high blood sugar.

This is because high levels of fat in the blood complete with sugar for uptake into the cell.

It’s surprising to many people but a high-sugar, low-fat diet is best for metabolic health.

That’s very clear from the human research.

—-Important Message for Men—-

Avoid keto and low carb diets! Men who eat sugar, burn sugar — and this is FANTASTIC for male health and performance

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Remember being a kid and being warm and full of energy all the time?

You’d go outside to play in the cold and Mom would be calling after you, “Don’t forget your jacket!”

But you wouldn’t even feel cold, you’d be burning up out there.

And it’s because as kids, our bodies are always burning SUGAR.

YOUTH is sugar burning. Even scientists agree.

But as we age, our metabolisms get slow and cold, and instead of burning sugar for energy, the body starts burning fat…

And burning fat is BAD.

This is what happens to a man when he burns only fat and not sugar:

Diabetes, low testosterone, erections problems, obesity, more age-related diseases, even cancer…

So a hot, fast, sugar-burning metabolism is the key to remaining young and healthy no matter how old you are.

Here’s how to kickstart your body into burning sugar again naturally — something any man can do at home…


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