Magic bullet for stomach problems

Works especially well for chronic indigestion and heartburn

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Magic bullet for stomach problems

Matt Cook here, and heartburn makes millions of men’s lives miserable every day.

People are frantically looking for solutions, from pharmaceuticals to herbal treatments.

But what if I tell you there’s a “magic bullet?”

Heartburn is a burning feeling in the chest caused by stomach acid traveling up toward the throat.

If it happens regularly, it’s called GERD.

Heartburn can have several causes, for example:

  • Being overweight
  • Inflammatory foods such as PUFA-laden fried foods and alcohol
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Lying down immediately after a meal

But unfortunately, even if they get rid of all these things, this disease does not go away in some people.

Left untreated, heartburn can lead to more debilitating diseases such as ulcers, esophagitis, and Barrett’s esophagus.

The usual treatment for this disease is proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

When you go to the doctor, they will give them immediately.

Unfortunately, these treatments do NOT cure heartburn, and can instead cause many other problems.

I have written dozens of articles about the dangers of PPIs, so you know how much I am against them.

My research has always been about solving diseases NATURALLY, without side effects.

It’s no different in this case too.

There is a substance I call the “magic bullet” for stomach problems.

It’s called d-limonene.

Limonene is a cyclic monoterpene that is the major component in several citrus oils.

It’s one of the most common terpenes in nature.

It takes its name from lemon peels.

It is obtained through centrifuge separation or steam distillation, mostly from orange peels.

It is generally used in the cosmetics, perfume, and cleaning industries.

So how did such a substance come to be used for heartburn?

A Texan chemist named Joe Wilkins had been suffering from GERD symptoms for years.

One day, while formulating a cleaning agent in his lab, he accidentally consumed the remaining d-limonene.

He noticed that the heartburn was gone, and his esophageal inflammation was relieved.

So, he continued to try it on himself and found that his symptoms went away after a while.

He then decided to apply for a patent for d-limonene and conducted 2 different experiments.

Here are the published experiments and their results:

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The first experiment involved 19 patients suffering from GERD symptoms for at least 5 years.

They were asked to stop OTC treatments.

And they were given 1000mg per day of d-limonene.

They were asked to record their symptoms every day for 14 days.

20% of patients were free of all symptoms by day 2.

“When comparing the results of all of the participants, about 20% achieved complete relief of symptoms (rating of 1) as early as day 2 of their regimen”.

Improvements increased daily, and most patients were symptom-free at the end of the 14th day.

“The percentage of participants achieving complete relief of symptoms gradually increased over time, with 79% of the participants achieving complete relief by day 14.

The second experiment was similar.

They conducted a preliminary double-blind placebo study on 13 participants suffering from severe heartburn/GERD.

For 20 days, 7 people received d-limonene, and the other 6 people received a placebo as a control group.

At the end of 20 days, a symptom and inflammation test was performed.

The d-limonene group showed very high rates of improvement against the placebo.

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So why does it work so well?

Let me explain:

D-Limonene is lighter than water, so it floats to the surface of gastric juices in the stomach.

When someone experiences reflux, it coats the esophagus and protects it from acid and gastrin.

That’s why when you taste d-limonene with every burp, you’ll have an orange taste in your mouth.

This is because d-limonene accumulates in the upper part of the stomach and coats the esophagus.

People call these “orange burps.”

D-limonene is a natural extract that is very safe and has no toxicity in humans.

Moreover, it has many other digestive benefits for the human body.

It even has a relaxing effect because it is a GABA stimulator.

That’s why I recommend taking d-limonene with dinner.

I get relief from heartburn every time I take this magic bullet.

If you have yet to try it, give this natural remedy a chance. You may be amazed by the results.

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