How to turn a woman on with one simple question

It’s weird how well this works…

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—-Important Message for Single Men—-

How to turn a woman on with one simple question

I came across this study…

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…showing that women get turned on by words in a way that’s completely unique to the female sex.

Women respond differently to words than men…words have a more powerful effect on women…

Women would rather read about sex than watch it — because words let a woman imagine herself in the story more easily than seeing another woman on screen…

And I believe this is why so many women are reading romance novels instead of watching dirty videos.

Men respond to images — women respond to words!

So here’s how to use this to your advantage…

Ask a woman this one simple question and turn her on at will


The most problematic hormone for men (not estrogen)

Prolactin is a super problematic hormone that most people have never even heard of.

If people have heard of it they know that it’s the hormone that causes lactation – the production of breast milk.

It’s also a hormone that is elevated by all types of stress.

Extremely stressful situations like war and famine can cause men to lactate due to increased prolactin.

Prolactin also suppresses thyroid hormone, causes bone degeneration, and initiates prostate and breast cancer.

Prolactin is also the major factor inhibiting male libido.

Younger men are generally able to go again sooner because they have lower prolactin levels…

Prolactin also has a profound effect on male hormones – which can have a major downstream effect on men’s health.

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The human research was carried out at the University Hospital of Vaudois in Switzerland. This paper was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

The authors of this study wanted to look at the effect of elevated prolactin on androgens – masculinizing hormones.

“The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of hyperprolactinemia on the metabolism of androgens in man.”

The researchers recruited six healthy young men for this experiment.

The men were given sulpiride – a heavy duty psychiatric treatment usually used for schizophrenia.

One of the major side effects of this treatment is an increase in prolactin.

“A group of 6 normal men were treated for 4 consecutive days, on separate periods, with Sulpiride.”

By using sulpiride to increase prolactin, the researchers were able to look at the effect of prolactin on male hormones.

The researchers stimulated the production of male hormones by using another hormone HCG.

“The effect of the treatment on plasma steroids was verified in basal conditions and under stimulation by HCG.”

There was a significant increase in male hormones, testosterone and DHT, in men given HCG alone.

“In the controls, a parallel rise in testosterone (T) and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) was observed in response to HCG stimulation.”

There was a diminished increase in DHT in men given sulpiride.

“In experimental hyperprolactinemia, the rise in T in response to HCG, similar to that of the controls, was accompanied by a markedly diminished rise in DHT.”

Increasing prolactin seems to suppress DHT.

DHT is the big brother of testosterone – though it’s generally less well known. DHT is important for mental and physical health, especially as we age.

During development, DHT is also responsible for many of the structural indicators of masculinity.

The researchers also reported on the effect of naturally induced elevated prolactin.

This occurred when a patient had a damaged pituitary system triggering the body to massively increase prolactin levels.

The natural increase in prolactin also decreases the production of DHT, similar to what was seen in the experiment.

This tells us that naturally elevated levels of prolactin probably do suppress this critical male hormone.

“Similar results were observed in a patient with hyperprolactinemia following an apparent accidental section of the pituitary stalk.”

Testosterone is turned into DHT by the action of an enzyme called five alpha reductase. We can infer that prolactin then reduces five alpha reductase.

Five alpha reductase also triggers the conversion of other important hormones.

This means prolactin probably causes a number of other hormonal issues…

“These data demonstrate the interference of increased levels of prolactin in the metabolism of testosterone into the active DHT form by 5alpha-reductase.”

Many men have elevated levels of prolactin which are at the root of their health problems.

This type of research shows that low levels of male hormones can be added to the list of issues caused by high prolactin.

“They suggest that this mechanism could possibly impair the gonadal function in man.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

—-Important Message About Prolactin—-

How I’m purging my prolactin for the best erections I’ve had in years…

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…and it was better with my wife than it’s been in ages.

And it all has to do with how I’m lowering my body’s prolactin levels.

I lower mine every morning in just 2 seconds now…and it has huge benefits with my wife and how I feel as a man.

And it lowers my estrogen, too. Plus it raises my T…

Here’s the 2 second technique I’m using every morning


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Study on the relationship between plasma prolactin levels and androgen metabolism in man