Here’s why China is going crazy over this herbal blend

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Matt Cook here, and varicoceles are an enlargement of veins that form down there in a man…

And varicoceles can hurt penile blood flow while tanking testosterone.

Usually doctors recommend surgery…

But now there’s an easier, more natural way using a strangely powerful blend of Chinese herbs…

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A varicocele is a pathological enlargement of the veins in the scrotum.

About one in five men suffer from this problem.

Varicoceles involve problems with blood flow around the penis, prostate and most importantly testicles.

It is a known cause of low testosterone and infertility.

Many men suffer for years with varicoceles before opting for risky surgery.

But there are numerous nonsurgical methods to deal with this common problem.

One of the less well known is a Chinese herbal remedy called Guizhi-Fuling-Wan.

A human study showed that this blend of herbs cured 80% of varicoceles in 3 months.

60-70% of the men also saw significant improvement in markers of fertility.

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The human research was carried out at Ichikawa General Hospital in Japan. The paper was published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine.

The researchers recruited thirty-seven young men with infertility and varicocele.

The men were treated with 7.5 g of the herbal remedy each day for >3 months.

“Thirty-seven infertile patients with varicocele were treated with Guizhi-Fuling-Wan (7.5 g/day) for at least 3 months.”

The researchers looked for changes in varicoceles and fertility indicators in all of the men.

“Before and after the administration, semen qualities such as sperm concentration and motility were examined, and the varicocele was graded.”

Varicoceles are a major cause of male infertility – just as they are a major cause of low testosterone.

“Most cases of male infertility are caused by a primary disorder of spermatogenesis. Varicocele disturbs spermatogenesis, whereas semen quality was often improved following the disappearance of this condition.”

All of these men were suffering from infertility caused by sperm quality which was likely related to their varicoceles.

“37 patients who visited our outpatient clinic with complaints of infertility were included. They were diagnosed to have varicocele with poor semen quality of less than 20 × 100/ml sperm and/or 50% motility.”

The study showed that this herbal remedy cured 8/10 varicoceles.

“A varicocele disappearance rate of 80% was obtained with 40 out of 50 varicocele.”

The majority of men had significant improvements in fertility too.

“Improvement of sperm concentration and motility were found in 71.4% and 62.1% of patients, respectively.”

The increases in sperm number and motility were significant – increasing by an average of 2x to 3x.

The researchers concluded that the traditional Chinese medicinal remedy was effective in treating varicoceles and varicocele-related male infertility.

“From these results, Guizhi-Fuling-Wan is considered to be effective for circulation disorders in varicocele as well as semen quality.”

These are quite impressive results for a common problem that many men suffer with…

A problem that most doctors believe cannot be cured without surgery or other invasive and risky procedures.

The researchers believe that this remedy should be the first choice for many men suffering with varicoceles and related infertility.

“We conclude that Guizhi-Fuling-Wan is effective in improving circulatory disorders in varicocele, as well as semen quality. Guizhi-Fuling-Wan may be the first choice for treatment of grade 1 varicocele.”

Varicocele is a common cause of low testosterone too.

These researchers did not look at the effect of the treatment on testosterone…

But effective treatment of varicoceles usually increases testosterone levels – and that could be an expected effect of the herbal remedy too.

This herbal remedy has been in continuous use for over a thousand years…

It’s also used to treat inflammatory diseases, Type II diabetes and atherosclerosis.

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