This 1 fruit naturally raises men’s testosterone levels

Just a few bites a day can get you testosterone in the 800s

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Matt Cook here, and having high, healthy T is paramount to men who want to live long, healthy, sexy lives.

That’s why I’m adding this T-boosting fruit to my breakfast every morning…

It contains a compound called naringenin that naturally boosts men’s T production.

Just a few bites of this naringenin-rich fruit can help men get T levels in the 800s, maybe even the 900s.

So here’s what fruit to buy next time you’re at the grocery store…

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This 1 fruit naturally raises men’s testosterone levels

I am a big fan of fruits as a large part of a healthy diet.

Citrus fruits like oranges are particularly beneficial.

Oranges contain healthy sugars, minerals and vitamins which are great for health and longevity.

But these foods also contain other compounds which can have remarkable health effects.

One of these is called naringenin.

Naringenin is known to help with metabolic problems like diabetes.

It helps to fight off viruses and bacteria, and lowers inflammation.

Researchers have even shown that the naringenin compound found in fruits like oranges can protect the testicles and help to increase testosterone levels.

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The animal research was carried out at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Slovakia. The paper was published in Animal Science and Biotechnologies.

Naringenin is a food compound classed as a flavonoid – it is found in a number of different foods, but oranges are my favorite source.

“Naringenin is a flavonoid found mainly in grapefruits as well as other fruits or vegetables.”

(Grapefruits might be a problem because they affect an enzyme responsible for controlling estrogen.

They are not a fruit I would eat in large quantities.)

There are a remarkable number of studies showing profound health benefits to naringenin – including its strong anti-infectious properties.

“Because of its composition it has significant therapeutic effects and is therefore used to treat various diseases as an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent.”

Scientists keep doing research with naringenin and they keep finding more and more benefits to this substance.

“This molecule is still not explored enough which is why it has become a frequent research object worldwide.”

This research was designed to see whether naringenin had any beneficial effect on the testicles.

“This report aims to study the possible in vitro effects of naringenin on the murine testicular tissue.”

The researchers used cell tissues taken from rodents.

They looked to see whether naringenin had any effect on the production of cholesterol, testosterone, and related hormones.

“We analyzed the production of testosterone, androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone and cholesterol in testicular fragments collected from 10 male mice.”

They cultured the tissues with different amounts of naringenin.

The researchers found that naringenin increases the production of testosterone.

“A slight increase in the testosterone production was observed following exposure to all naringenin concentrations.”

Naringenin also increased levels of androstenedione – an androgenic hormone related to testosterone.

“10 µmol/L naringenin also had a significant effect on the androstenedione production.”

Contrary to popular belief, cholesterol is not a harmful substance.

In fact, these beneficial hormones are made from cholesterol.

The researchers found a dose-dependent increase in cholesterol with naringenin.

“Cholesterol levels increased with increasing concentrations of naringenin, with the most significant effects at100 µmol/L naringenin.”

This increase in cholesterol may be one of the reasons why naringenin increases male hormones like testosterone.

“Our results indicate that naringenin has beneficial effects on the production of steroid hormones as well as on the synthesis of their precursor-cholesterol.”

The results made the researchers ask the question of whether purified naringenin could be useful in the treatment of male hormone and fertility problems.

“Naringenin has the potential to be used in the management of male reproductive dysfunction.”

There is not yet a lot of data on the use of purified naringenin humans.

I would hold off until a little more research is done in this field.

But as for the consumption of natural foods which contain lots of naringenin, I think that is a great idea.

Oranges are a good source of naringenin and similar compounds.

These compounds tend to accumulate in the peel of the fruit – so marmalade contains even more naringenin than orange juice.

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