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How to really burn fat without putting on the pounds

The holy Grail of weight loss is burning fat, instead of putting it on your middle and all over your body.
And it turns out that you can actually burn fat. Through the miracle of mitochondrial uncoupling.

Here’s how to burn 1,000 calories and not even realize it

It’s all about WHEN you eat…this is an amazing discovery if you love food as much as I do…

Fasting Offers No Special Weight Loss Benefits AND It May Cause Hidden Harm

There is a trend that keeps popping up in weight loss called intermittent fasting. This takes various forms, but one of the more popular forms is called alternate-day fasting.

It’s not your fault: diets don’t work, say scientists…but THIS does

This newsletter shows you the painful truth about weight loss.
And I’ll tell you how to get around the major weight loss problem.
If you have not been able to lose weight, you think it’s just laziness.

Does fat in the diet lead to chronic inflammation and weight gain?

Chronic inflammation shows up in our bodies in all kinds of nasty ways. Heart inflammation, prostate inflammation, joint inflammation, asthma and more are a result of chronic inflammation.

Liposuction in a jar – Painless flab loss

Forget dieting, calories. Enter a new world where you can lose that belly fat and regain your stamina and manhood without painful diets or being hungry…