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Doctor’s huge erections secret

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Does ibuprofen give men penile fibrosis?

Ibuprofen is in the top 30 most used treatments in the United States, with more than 24 million users in 2018.

It’s a painkiller commonly used for migraines, arthritis and dental pain.

But many doctors will hand it out for almost any sort of pain.

Many doctors consider ibuprofen to be relatively harmless – this is incorrect.

I’ve written before about how ibuprofen causes stomach problems and low testosterone.

Frequent use of this medication can lead to pretty severe consequences because of this.

A number of animal experiments have also shown that ibuprofen causes serious damage to the penis.

In doses equivalent to what humans would take for pain, ibuprofen caused significant buildup of scar tissue in the penis of rats.

This type of scar tissue prevents penis from expanding and becoming rocky.

This type of scar tissue deforms the penis and it’s a major cause of poor rockiness.

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The experiments were carried out at Alexandria University in Egypt. The findings were published in Drug and Chemical Toxicology.

Ibuprofen is one of the most widely used painkilling treatments in the world. It is sold as Advil, Nurofen and Motrin.

“Ibuprofen is a commonly used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ‘treatment’ that is noted for its favorable safety profile.”

The “noted safety profile” of ibuprofen is totally unwarranted – this is a very harmful treatment.

Some of the effects of ibuprofen on the body are similar to those noted to cause penile scarring…

The buildup of scar tissue in the penis that’s called Peyronie’s disease and run-of-the-mill poor rockiness.

“Evidence regarding the effect of regular ibuprofen intake on penile homeostasis and histopathologic changes is lacking.”

In other words, the effect of ibuprofen on the penis has never been investigated.

(Prior research showed quite clearly that repeated use of ibuprofen lowers testosterone levels by a direct effect on the testicles.)

So these researchers created a number of experiments where they looked at the effect of ibuprofen on the structure of the penis of lab rats.

“We examine the effect of regular administration of analgesic therapeutic doses of ibuprofen on penile microscopic changes in treated rats.”

The researchers gave these rats a dose equivalent to what a human would take for pain relief…

Taking into account the different size of the animals and differences in liver metabolism.

The experiments were designed to look at the effect of a real-world dose of ibuprofen.

The researchers compared four groups of rats.

Group 1 received an inactive placebo. The other 3 groups received increasing amounts of ibuprofen every day for a month.

The study showed that ibuprofen caused significant changes in prostaglandins in the penis of the animal.

The changes in these prostaglandins have been linked to changes to the penis structure itself.

In the center of the penis is a structure called the corpus cavernosum. It consists of a pair of spongelike tissues which fill up with blood when the penis becomes direct.

Damage to this tissue and the surrounding tissue will cause deformation of the penis…

And this leads to erections problems.

This type of damage usually comes in the form of fibrotic collagen.

Thi is a weblike scar tissue that effectively suffocates the corpus cavernosum

Preventing it from receiving the blood it needs to swell.

The study showed quite clearly that ibuprofen caused an increase in weblike scar tissue – collagen around the corpus cavernosum.

“The percentage area of collagen around cavernous tissue was significantly higher in ibuprofen-treated groups.”

This buildup of out-of-place collagen will cause the formations of the penis and physical restrictions and blood flow leading to poor rockiness.

“Our findings suggest that despite ibuprofen’s safety reputation, regular use of ibuprofen is associated with increased penile cavernosal fibrosis.”

This type of fibrosis is the same type of scar tissue that can and build up in the heart and liver, causing common heart and liver diseases.

Ibuprofen’s reputation as a relatively safe painkiller is totally unwarranted.

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Regular use of ibuprofen reduces rat penile prostaglandins and induces cavernosal fibrosis