Here’s the document the FBI desperately doesn’t want you to see

One brave patriot is revealing the truth

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—-Important Message From Dark Age Defense—-

Here’s the document the FBI desperately doesn’t want you to see

They say the FBI has documents that, if revealed, will cause riots in the streets…

But don’t you think we deserve to know the truth?

I do – which is why I’m sending this message.

You see, one brave patriot says he’s got ahold of an important government document…

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That reveals exactly what the FBI is trying to cover up.

To be honest, it doesn’t make for pretty viewing…

But like I said, you deserve to know.

Here’s the document the FBI desperately doesn’t want you to see


Inosine – can it help heal a fatty liver?

Inosine is an important compound that is found in our RNA.

RNA is present in all living cells.

In other words, inosine is everywhere in our body.

And in today’s newsletter, you will see how inosine can help treat your liver disease.

Before diving into that, you should know that inosine has a myriad of benefits.

For example, in previous newsletters I’ve talked about how it can protect from diabetes…

…alleviate multiple sclerosis, help with injury prevention, fix colitis, and function as an antidepressant.

The list is quite lengthy!

However, today we are focusing on how it reverses liver diseases.

A sneak peek of the studies we have today…

2 studies that I am going to mention today show that fatty liver (NAFLD) disease is due to a drop in ATP levels.

And not surprisingly, inosine is great at replenishing ATP levels in our bodies.

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In this study, researchers gave vast amounts of ethionine to rats to induce fatty liver in them.

Then, they divided them into 2 groups.

One group receives inosine, and the other group receives saline.

“…One group received i.p. 0.16 mmole (43 mg) inosine at 0, 3, 6, 24, 30, 48, and 54 hr while the appropriate survivors of the second group received the same dosage of saline.”

They find that the accumulation of fat in the liver induced is due to a decrease in ATP levels.

“…The results of the present study add further evidence in support of the thesis that the accumulation of triglycerides in the liver induced by ethionine is secondary to changes in ATP and/or protein synthesis”

This is where inosine comes to play.

Thanks to its preventative effects of that drop of ATP, inosine achieves to protect the liver from accumulating fat.

“Since inosine is a precursor of adenine nucleotides (…) the conclusion is almost inescapable that the conversion of inosine to adenylic acid is an essential reaction in the preventive effect of inosine upon the fatty liver.”

The study also goes on to say that Inosine protects the rat from lethal effects of fatty liver disease by acting as a precursor of ATP.

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Findings of this study which was published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications journal completely supports the one we have just discussed.

This study again suggests that the ATP levels plummet when the liver accumulates fat.

“Hepatic ATP levels are profoundly depressed in rats treated with ethionine.”

But this one found another thing..

The fatty liver disease also decreases the protein synthesis in the liver.

“There is a striking positive correlation between the ATP levels and protein synthesis (measured either in vitro or in vivo).”

Nonetheless, Inosine reversed this issue as well.

“Inosine alone caused enhancement in both ATP levels and protein synthesis compared to saline treated rats.”

I believe inosine is a magical substance. It can be a great addition to your supplement stack.

1,000mg per day with food is enough to cause all the mentioned effects.

—-Important Message—-

60% of men have fatty livers — here’s how I fixed mine

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When my doctor told me I had a fatty liver, he said it wasn’t a big deal and not to worry about it.

But that’s because most doctors don’t understand the important connection between the penis and the liver!

See, I’ve discovered that the liver helps create testosterone, which is necessary for good erections and performance.

But since my liver was all bogged down by fatty toxins, my testosterone was taking a hit.

And that was causing me random erections problems in the bedroom.

So I found a way to naturally clean out my liver with a simple drink… and now my erections has come roaring back!

Here’s how I cleaned out my liver for better rockiness


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