Aspirin beat chemotherapy in cancer treatment

Aspirin beat chemotherapy in cancer treatment

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Many men take a baby aspirin every day to reduce the chances of a heart attack.

They take around 90 mg of aspirin each day — a low dose.

But aspirin can do so much more.

Here’s a study of the type that I generally do not use, but in this case, there is a reason to use it.

It is what is called a meta-study, a study of studies.

In this case, the meta-study included 51 very various randomized controlled trials using aspirin.

They wanted to find out if aspirin helps fight cancer.

And could it lower the risk of death in a given time, and reduce cardiovascular disease?
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The first result is that aspirin greatly reduces deaths from cancer.

That is a very significant reduction.

It appears aspirin is very effective against treating cancer and cancer prevention.

So now let’s compare the effectiveness of aspirin with the effectiveness of today’s modern chemotherapy drugs.

This study looks specifically at a type of cancer called non-small cell lung cancer.

What is true of this type of chemotherapy is true of virtually all types of chemotherapy.

They have a very tiny effect on survival rates — if any.

706 patients were included. Only 3 trials showed a statistically significant benefit in favour of polychemotherapy.

So there we have it.

Aspirin significantly extends the life of cancer patients.

But on the other hand, chemotherapy for cancer did not — at least in this meta-study.

And yet I highly doubt your doctor is going to recommend you take aspirin to get rid of cancer.

None of the Big Drug Companies want to push aspirin as a treatment for cancer or anything else — there’s no profit in aspirin.

But there is a huge profit in $20,000 chemotherapy treatments, of that you can be sure.

Now, don’t take what I’m saying as advice not to go through chemotherapy.

I’m giving you the evidence that I find, but the choice whether to go through chemo must be your own.

You want to arm yourself with as much information as you can.

But you should also know that the evidence for chemotherapy in cancer patients is not nearly as large as you think it is.

And in many cases, the evidence shows that chemotherapy does not extend life at all.

But in most cases aspirin does.



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