Zombie bacteria cleaning out the gut

This zombie bacteria helps with digestion

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Zombie bacteria cleaning out the gut

Matt Cook here, and most people know that bad bacteria can cause gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and inflammation.

But the effect of bacteria on human health is a lot more complicated than that.

Japanese researchers discovered that a bacteria native to the human digestive system can alter the functioning of the nervous system.

The effects mean that this bacteria should make people more calm and relaxed.

This allows for proper digestion of food – leading to improved gut function.

Another interesting fact is that the study used dead bacteria.

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The human research was carried out at Hokubukai Utsukushigaoka Hospital in Hokkaido, Japan. The paper was published in Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease.

The researchers carried out their research using a strain of lactobacillus bacteria which is found inside the gut of some healthy people.

Lactobacillus gasseri is isolated from a stool sample from a healthy adult that showed beneficial effects on health as a paraprobiotic.”

A paraprobiotic is a dead bacteria – one which cannot replicate and colonize the gut – but which has effects on the health of the individual.

Paraprobiotics are non-viable microbial cells, microbial fractions, or cell enzymes which can improve human and animal health.

Previous experiments had shown that fermenting milk with this bacteria had beneficial effects on the gut.

“In a previous study, we demonstrated that lactobacillus gasseri-fermented heat-treated milk modified gut functions more than artificially acidified sour milk.”

This experiment was designed to find out whether it was necessary for the bacteria to be alive in order to exert their beneficial effects…

…and if not, exactly how the effects were elicited.

“The aim of this study was to elucidate the contribution of non-viable paraprobiotic lactobacillus gasseri cells to regulating human gut functions.”

The researchers carried out a high quality randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial with over 100 people.

All of the participants had reported either having too many or too few bowel movements.

“The trial included 118 healthy participants with relatively low or high stool frequencies.”

One group was given the dead, dried bacterial preparation.

The other group was given a similar looking but inactive placebo.

“The test beverage was prepared by adding washed, heat-treated, and dried lactobacillus gasseri cells directly to the placebo beverage.”

The participants took the paraprobiotic for 3 weeks and recorded any changes to their symptoms.

The study showed that these dead bacteria improved the number of bowel movements and reduced foul-smelling movements too.

“The number of evacuations and the scores for fecal odors were significantly improved in the group that consumed the paraprobiotic compared with those of the group that consumed the placebo.”

There was also a significant increase in Bifidobacterium – a completely different strain of bacteria – in the people taking the supplement.

Bifidobacterium have a long list of beneficial effects in the gut – and increasing Bifidobacterium is almost always a good thing.

“The Bifidobacterium content of the gut was significantly increased in the lactobacillus gasseri group relative to that of the placebo group.”

The researchers also found a significant decrease in one family of pathological bacteria in people taking the supplement.

“The content of Clostridium cluster IV was significantly decreased.”

Perhaps most interestingly, taking the supplement was associated with significant changes in the functioning of the nervous system.

“The parasympathetic nerve activity of the autonomic nervous system became dominant and the total power of autonomic activity was elevated in the lactobacillus gasseri group.”

The parasympathetic nervous system activates a calm state.

Parasympathetic is known as the “rest and digest” state. As that name suggests, it’s best for resting and for digesting your food.

This could explain one reason why this bacteria improves bowel movements…

It tunes the nervous system to a state which is optimal for digesting food.

The opposite to this rest and digest/parasympathetic nervous system is the sympathetic nervous system – which activates “fight or flight”.

Bacteria – even dead ones – can have profound effects on the gut and the nervous system.

“This is the first report of sterilized Lactobacillus cells having a significant impact on the environment and functions of the intestinal tract. The observed effects might be due, at least in part, to the brain-gut interaction.”

Probiotics and paraprobiotics can be extremely beneficial – but by the same token, some supplemental bacteria can be quite harmful.

You need to be careful about which one they take – not all probiotics are good for you…

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