Why this 1 technique makes you the best she’s ever had

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Why this 1 technique makes you the best she’s ever had

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It doesn’t matter if a man has the world’s smallest member…

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Here’s the technique and how to use it


Here’s the shocking truth about Big Pharma’s new arthritis treatment

Matt Cook here, and diseases like rheumatoid arthritis can be very debilitating.

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That’s why I’m always interested in potential new treatments that can actually heal disease instead of just treating symptoms.

Current treatments for RA (rheumatoid arthritis) have significant and scary downsides.

They usually include immunosuppressants called DMARDs.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are frequently treated with disease-modifying anti-rheumatic treatments (DMARDs) and in many patients this approach works well. However, about a third of patients don’t adequately respond to front-line DMARDs, and they come with some significant disadvantages.

These treatments don’t work for everybody, and they can cause dangerous and difficult to treat infections.

Additionally, because most immunosuppressives currently used to treat rheumatoid arthritis stay in the system for up to two weeks, there is no option to discontinue treatment if a dangerous infection occurs.

DMARDs can even increase your risk of cancer!

This is compounded when patients use two or more treatments simultaneously, which is not uncommon due to the complexity of the disease. Using multiple powerful immunosuppressants can exacerbate the risks of infections or cancer.

This new treatment isn’t approved yet and is in testing phases, but it’s promising.

It targets specific cells in the immune system responsible for causing inflammation and joint damage in people with rheumatoid arthritis.The treatment, which is still in the experimental stage, is designed to target a type of immune cell called a T helper 17 cell

T helper 17 cell is known to play a key role in the development of rheumatoid arthritis.

By targeting these cells, the treatment is able to reduce inflammation and prevent joint damage, which are the primary symptoms of the disease.

With this method, encapsulated ATRA is injected directly into a joint affected by rheumatoid arthritis, where it remains in effect for at least several weeks. During that time, ATRA transforms disease-causing cells into disease-stopping cells, known as regulatory T cells, which can treat or prevent the disease elsewhere in the body.

At this point we have no idea what the long-term effects are going to be from the ATRA therapy…

…or if it will be marketed to the public and in traditional dosing methods it can have serious negative side effects.

However, that method relies on ATRA traveling freely throughout the body, which can cause immunosuppression and potentially significant off-target toxicity, along with other unwanted side effects.

The new injection methods, however, seem to limit these side effects and produce pretty spectacular healing results.

When ATRA is encapsulated using biodegradable materials, it can be injected directly into joints at therapeutic concentrations but as it diffuses out of the joint, it enters circulation at much lower concentrations, minimizing or preventing unwanted effects.

It looks like it has the potential to not only prevent symptoms, but heal RA overall.

“The coolest part about this is that the treated site of disease, where the bad apples were previously proliferating, now becomes a place that can generate regulators that can now go patrol the body and actually prevent disease,” said McBride.

This is a watch and wait situation. There is no way to know at this early stage if this treatment will actually fix RA.

But it looks like it might have that potential.

—-Important Message for Men with Arthritis and Joint Pain—-

This is how I’m helping Jodi’s best friend live a pain-free life

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My wife Jodi’s best friend has been battling arthritis and joint pain for as long as we have known her…

And if you have arthritis and joint pain, you know how painful it can be…

…and how difficult it can make everyday life…

But did you also know that many of the current solutions for arthritis pain can leave you worse off than before?

Scary but true…

Let me show you the ones I’d avoid, and the natural remedies that are safely working for men with arthritis.

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I have people very close to me in my life who are battling arthritis, and this is changing their life for the better.

And my hope is that this Transformation will help you too and get you out of pain and back to enjoying the things you love.

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