This testosterone fix gives 1000s of men great rockiness

This restores sexual function in so many men

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—-Important Message About Getting Rocky—-

“I’m not stiff enough for sex, what should I do?”

I hear this a lot from thousands of men who write to me for advice.

And 8 times out of 10, it’s because the man’s testosterone has turned into estrogen.

Estrogen really interferes with rockiness. It hurts libido too.

So the solution is to get rid of all that estrogen and boost T instead.

And this is the best way I’ve found to naturally boost T and keep estrogen low — gives men great towel hangers again


This testosterone fix gives 1000s of men great rockiness

I have written at length about some of the more complicated reasons why men can develop poor erections and other sexual problems.

Penile fibrosis, high prolactin, high cortisol, and high estrogen comprise some of the main reasons why men suffer from this common condition.

(All those root causes are treatable if you understand what you’re dealing with.)

But for some men, the solution can be quite a bit simpler.

A number of studies have shown that men with low testosterone and sexual dysfunction can see massive improvements…

…just by boosting testosterone levels back up into the normal range.

It’s not always the long-term solution – you also need to look at the reasons why you have low testosterone…

…but it can get you back up and running pretty quickly.

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The human research was carried out at the University Hospital of Cleveland. The paper was published in the Journal of Ontology.

Testosterone and sexual function both decrease with age in men – at least on average they do.

(It is possible to maintain high levels of both if you know what you’re doing.)

“It is recognized that testosterone levels decrease in men with age, as does sexual function.”

This study set out to answer the basic question…

Can replenishing low testosterone levels restore sexual function in older men?

“We hypothesize that testosterone supplementation and hypogonadal men with sexual dysfunction will restore certain elements of sexual function.”

Hypogonadal is a term which refers to the gonads – in this case the testicles.

It means low testicular function – or simply low testosterone.

The study used a standard cut off for testosterone levels.

Men who had testosterone levels lower than 300 (ng/dl) were categorized as being hypogonadal (having low testosterone).

The researchers recruited over 400 men for the study.

The other requirement was that the men showed at least 1 other symptom of low testosterone – aside from sexual problems.

“Hypogonadal male subjects reporting one or more symptoms of low testosterone randomized to one of three groups.”

The men were randomly assigned to either testosterone gel (high or low dose), testosterone patch, or inactive placebo.

After beginning treatment, or placebo, the men were evaluated 1 and 3 months after beginning the experiment.

The men were evaluated based on a self-reported daily diary which answered a number of questions.

Questions centered around the frequency of nighttime rockiness, libido, and sexual intercourse.

“The diary elicited information about sexual desire and the occurrence of nighttime ‘rockiness’ and intercourse.”

The information from these diaries was quantified and compared against diary information from the different groups…

…and also data from the same men collected before the study began.

Men on the highest dose of testosterone reported an increase in libido far exceeding that of men in the other groups.

“By day 30, a significant increase from baseline in sexual desire was noted for those on high dose testosterone gel.”

Men taking a high-dose testosterone gel reported libido scores three times higher than those taking the placebo.

Over 50% of the men in that group reported an increase in nighttime erections by day 30.

“A significant increase in the frequency of nighttime ‘rockiness’ was also noted for the high dose testosterone gel group.”

Almost 40% of men in the high dose group reported having more sex after just 1 month of testosterone treatment.

“A significant increase from baseline the frequency of intercourse was evidenced for those on the high dose testosterone gel treatment compared with those on the testosterone patch for those in the placebo group.”

All of these results were similar after 3 months.

The study shows that for many men who have low testosterone…

…simply boosting testosterone levels into the normal range is enough to significantly improve sexual function.

“We have demonstrated a clear relationship between restoring testosterone levels and certain parameters of sexual function. Threshold testosterone levels are needed in order to significantly affect improvement in sexual functioning.”

One thing to point out about this study is that often men with low testosterone and sexual problems often have high estrogen too.

Usually the excess amount of estrogen comes from testosterone – and adding more testosterone will lead to even more estrogen.

Estrogen itself is a cause of erections problems.

And so it’s important to take steps to control estrogen whenever you are supplementing with testosterone.

—-Important Message About Lowering Estrogen—-

This 1 food is a natural aromatase inhibitor — stops testosterone from converting into estrogen

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So now testosterone is staying testosterone, instead of getting turned into estrogen.

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