This ignited Joyce’s sex drive like a hydrogen bomb

She went from a bored housewife to her husband’s raging slut!

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—-Important Message From Joyce Anderson—-

This ignited Joyce’s sex drive like a hydrogen bomb

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I still remember the very first time my husband touched me in a whole new way that woke my libido up from a long slumber…

…it transformed me from just another bored housewife rationing sex like fresh water on a desert island…

…to a possessed woman who fantasizes about the sizzling, white-hot sexual adventures I want to share with him every single night of the week!

It begins with a normal back massage… a standard move he makes when he wants sex…

But instead of just loosening my muscles and trying to get me out of my clothes…

…he does something radically different!

Something that wakes up my body and ignites my sex drive like a Hydrogen Bomb…

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Slowly, he makes his way down to my thighs and finally, he begins to gently massage my pussy…

I can feel myself get soaking wet with anticipation for what is to come…

As his fingers enter me and he touches me in a whole new way…

I see ribbons of light flash behind my closed eyelids and I can feel my chest heave…

My thighs are beginning to quiver, and my back arches as a shockwave of ecstasy surges throughout my whole body…

This new sensation isn’t like any kind of pleasure I’ve ever felt before…

And all I know in this moment is — I never want him to stop!


These soft drinks can boost testosterone and testicle size

Chinese researchers recently conducted some interesting experiments that fed male mice different types of soft drinks.

They found that soft drinks could lead to an increase in the size of testicles, increased testosterone, and an increase in androgen receptors.

Androgen receptors are activated by testosterone and other male hormones.

It shows that something in these soft drinks has a profound beneficial effect on male health.

The researchers speculate it might be the caffeine content – but I think it’s much more fundamental.

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The animal experiments were performed at Northwest Minzu University, Affiliated Hospital, Lanzhou, China. This paper was published in Acta Endocrinologica.

The researchers were primarily interested in the effect of carbonated soft drinks on testicle size and androgen receptors.

Both of these are primary indicators of masculinity infertility.

“This work aimed to study the influences of carbonated beverages on the testis growth and the expression levels of androgen receptors of mice.”

The researchers used Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

2 groups of male mice were given 100% of their fluids as Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

“Two experimental groups of 30 mice each drank 50% and 100% Pepsi-Cola, respectively for 15 days.”

Another two groups received a 50% solution of either soft drink.

“Other 2 experimental groups of 30 mice each drank 50% and 100% Coca-Cola for 15 days.”

The final group only got pure water – and the researchers compared all 5 groups after a couple of weeks.

“The control group of 30 mice drank water.”

Those mice drinking the carbonated beverages had significantly larger testicles!

Testes masses of mice that drank 100% Pepsi-Cola, 50% Coca-Cola and 100% Coca-Cola were greater than those of mice that drank 50% Pepsi-Cola and water.”

50% Pepsi had the weakest effect, but those animals still had bigger testes than animals drinking water after 2 weeks.

“On day 15, testis longitudinal diameter of carbonated beverages-treated mice was increased as compared to the control group.”

The masculinizing effects of male hormones like testosterone occur by activating androgen receptors.

The more androgen receptors you have, the greater the effect of testosterone and other male hormones.

The research indicates that androgen receptors are increased in animals that drink pure Pepsi or Coke.

“Androgen receptor protein levels of mice that drank 100% Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola were increased in comparison with the control group.”

The androgen receptors were increased by about two-thirds.

“Levels of androgen receptor mRNAs of four carbonated beverages-treated mice were increased by 60.18%, 67.26%, 65.93% and 78.76%.”

Testosterone levels were also significantly increased in animals drinking purely cola.

“Serum testosterone concentrations of mice that drank 100% Pepsi-Cola were higher than that of mice that drank 50% Coca-Cola and water.”

The researchers also noted a significant increase in EGF.

EGF is a protein that is important for male reproduction, stimulating the production of sperm.

“A high concentration of Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola could raise testis longitudinal diameter and testes transverse diameters, enhance testosterone secretion, and increase serum epidermal growth factor concentrations.”

EGF has been shown to play a role in developing and maintaining the reproductive system, stimulating spermatogenesis.

The researchers speculated that caffeine might be the cause of increased masculinity here. But the mice weren’t getting much caffeine.

Plant polyphenols can have masculinizing effects – and there may be polyphenols from the cocoa plant in Coca-Cola…

But this is not the case with Pepsi.

The authors overlook the simplest answer.


Sugar decreases cortisol, which would otherwise suppress testosterone production.

Sugar can indirectly increase testosterone.

And a study from a few years ago carried out at Linkoping University showed that young men fed a high-sugar diet had increased sperm health.

Sugar increases both male hormones and fertility, so it seems like the obvious factor here…

—-Special Message From Lisa—-

I love the act of physical intimacy — I love showing my man how much I love him with my body…

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You could even say that I enjoy having sex more than most men!

That’s why these little “snacks” are so perfect — I give my husband one before we hop into bed and he is RARING to go…

It boosts his stamina and gives him a rockier bulge down there.

And it works by naturally increasing testosterone production down in the Leydig cells.

Right now, you can try these T snacks for free — and trust me, your wife or girlfriend is going to LOVE this…


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