This gets her naked in 1 night

And she’s the one chasing YOU into bed!

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—-Important Message From Lloyd Lester—-

This gets her naked in 1 night

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Trying to get a girl naked on the first date is usually a BIG mistake…


She feels the overwhelming urge to CHASE YOU into bed – and not the other way around!

Look, today we’re going to break an old-fashioned “tradition”

Yes, the tradition of going on 3 or 4 dates before sex…

Because I’m here to tell you — unless you sleep with a girl early on, she’s almost certain to lose interest and ghost you.

This is why your best odds of getting laid… are to get a girl in bed the same day or night you meet her.

You’ve just got so many natural advantages when you meet her for the first time…

  1. You’re a novelty
  2. You hold the promise of a new adventure… a new emotional connection… and…
  3. You pose a new source of orgasmic pleasure for her.

But, if you don’t capitalize on those emotional highs… her temperature cools off and you become just another guy chasing after her.

In short, the favor is on your side when you “seal the deal” on the first date.

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Pulled muscle? This enzyme accelerates healing

Tendon injuries and tendinitis are quite common.

Unfortunately, these problems can often be slow and don’t heal fully.

Many people walk around with shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle tendon pain.

It’s unfortunate because there are several different ways to accelerate and ensure the proper healing of tendons.

One of these is a digestive enzyme that comes from the pineapple plant.

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The animal experiments were performed at The University of Lagos in Nigeria. This paper was published in Phytotherapy Research.

Bromelain is extracted from pineapple and has a surprisingly long list of health benefits.

“Bromelain, an enzyme extracted from the stem of the pineapple plant has been proposed as a treatment for reducing pain and swelling following acute muscle injuries .”

Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes found in pineapples, particularly in the fruit’s stem.

It is known for its anti-inflammatory, digestive, and protein-digesting properties.

Several studies show that it can increase the healing of the digestive system and other body parts.

“But studies are yet to be done on its effect on tendon healing.”

The authors created an experiment to test the effect of this beneficial enzyme on recovery from a tendon injury.

“We investigated the effects of bromelain on tenocyte proliferation in the early stage of healing in a crush injury to the Achilles tendon of Sprague-Dawley rats.”

Tenocytes are specialized cells found within tendons. They maintain tendon structure, which primarily consists of collagen fibers.

Tenocytes roles in tendon repair include:

  • Collagen synthesis
  • Tendon remodeling
  • Cell signaling – including growth factors
  • Mechanical response – physical input is essential for proper tendon remodeling

The research was carried out on 24 rodents. They were split into 3 groups of 8.

The groups were different combinations of tendon injury and bromelain treatment.

  • Group 1 – no injury and nil treatment
  • Group 2 – no treatment
  • Group 3 – oral bromelain treatment.

Bromelain supplementation was started right after the initiation of the injury.

“Bromelain was given at a dosage of 7 mg/kg body weight daily over the first 14 days post-injury.”

After 2 weeks, the animals were sacrificed, and the researchers examined the tendons to see any differences between the groups.

“On day 15 post injury, the animals were killed and the tendons excised and processed for histological study.”

They found significantly more tenocytes in the injury tendons of the animals given bromelain.

Tenocytes are responsible for tendon structure and repair.

“The results showed a significant increase in the tenocyte population in the bromelain group.”

The tendon-regenerating effects were initiated by a dose of 7mg per kilogram.

The equivalent dose for a 200-pound human would be 50mg of bromelain daily.

“Based on this study, 600 GDU bromelain given once daily in acute tendon injury at a dosage of 7 mg/kg promoted healing by stimulating tenocyte proliferation.”

GDU stands for Gelatin Digesting Units, a measure of bromelain’s enzymatic activity.

It’s a standardized way of measuring the potency of bromelain supplements…

As different supplements have a different mix of the different bromelain enzymes.

600 GDU is quite potent – but 50mg is a relatively low dose.

For example, one popular bromelain supplement mostly used for digestive issues contains 500mg of 300 GDU potency.

The research shows that many of these painful issues that people suffer with for many years can be resolved…

…and bromelain is a remarkably versatile and helpful supplement.

We know from other studies that bromelain has a healing effect even if the treatment is not started right away as it was in this experiment.

—-Important Message—-

My pain stopped when I drank this

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I busted my knee in the car and I can feel the pain even months after the bruising is gone.

So what was different when we were kids?

Our metabolism was just so fast that it would heal and repair damage immediately.

But as we age our metabolism slows down…

So how can we make our metabolisms faster so we feel less pain and we regenerate faster?

I found that drinking this simple shake in the morning speeds up the metabolism and not only do your wounds heal…

…your energy levels soar and you become much better in the bedroom.

How about that!

Here’s the metabolic drink that I drink everyday — it soothes pain, regenerates your body, and improves bedroom life


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Bromelain in the early phase of healing in acute crush Achilles tendon injury