This cheap remedy can save your life in a pinch

It’s a really good idea to keep some on hand, just in case…

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This cheap remedy can save your life in a pinch

Hey, Matt Cook here, and an aneurysm is a swelling and potential bursting of a blood vessel inside the brain.

It causes massive pressure on the brain which can lead to problems right throughout the body – even causing death.

When aneurysms are treated, they are usually treated with very risky brain surgery.

There are no pharmaceutical treatments for this potentially lethal condition.

But a number of different lines of evidence have led some researchers to suggest that aspirin could be a very useful treatment…

Particularly for a common type of potentially lethal aneurysm – the subarachnoid hemorrhage.

This condition is a significant cause of strokes.

Aspirin helps to decrease the inflammatory proteins, which seem to be at the root cause of this condition.

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The review of the existing literature was carried out at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The paper was published in the journal Cerebrovascular Diseases.

A subarachnoid hemorrhage is a swelling and bursting of blood vessels inside the brain.

It’s a common type of aneurysm, and it is the cause of about 10% of strokes in the United States.

There has been no improvement in hospitalisations for this type of aneurysm in the last 2 decades.

Mortality rates of 50% and disability rates of another 25% have also not improved.

Experts in the field are trying to figure out how to prevent the formation of these aneurysms in the brain…

…and how to prevent their rupture.

We already know that aneurysms of this kind are caused by states of high inflammation in the region.

“Inflammation is a key element behind the pathophysiology of cerebral aneurysm formation and rupture.”

So the obvious question is what can decrease the type of inflammation which causes this highly lethal condition.

To answer this question we need to understand that something called COX-2 is the major player.

COX-2 is an inflammatory protein which triggers the production of other inflammatory proteins known to cause aneurysm.

Aspirin is a very well known inhibitor of COX-2…

…and so inhibits the other downstream inflammatory proteins which cause aneurysm formation and rupture.

“Aspirin is a potent inhibitor of COX-2 which plays a critical role in the factors known to contribute to cerebral aneurysm formation and rupture.”

The only existing treatments for this type of aneurysm are highly risky surgeries…

…which is why researchers are so interested in the potential benefits of aspirin.

“There are no ‘chemical’ therapies. Endovascular and microsurgical interventions are associated with significant morbidity and mortality.”

The researchers found numerous animal experiments showing that COX-2 plays a causal role in the disease.

Genetic modification to lower COX-2 decreases aneurysm formation and rupture.

Aspirin had the same effect.

“In animal models, treatment with aspirin or genetic inactivation of COX-2 decreases aneurysm formation and rupture.”

The researchers also looked at analysis of tissues taken from hemorrhages collected from humans.

They found clear evidence of elevated inflammatory proteins in human hemorrhages.

These inflammatory proteins are well known to be inhibited by aspirin.

“Walls of ruptured human aneurysms have higher levels of COX-2 and prostaglandin E2, both of which are inhibited by aspirin.”

In a small human study, researchers found that aspirin lowered both of these inflammatory proteins.

“Patients treated with aspirin and lower levels of COX-2 and prostaglandin E2 after 3 months of aspirin therapy.”

The research so far indicates that appropriate doses of aspirin are safe for people at risk of ruptured aneurysms.

The human research also shows that aspirin seems to lower rupture rates – as expected.

“Aspirin has been found to be safe in patients harboring cerebral aneurysms and clinical studies provide evidence that it may decrease the overall rate of rupture.”

These findings are particularly important given the absence of any other treatment for the condition…

…and the great risks posed by surgical treatments.

The researchers called for further research.

They want to learn more about the most appropriate dosing of aspirin for treatment and prevention of subarachnoid aneurysms.

You should consult your doctor if you are considering using aspirin for the prevention or treatment of aneurysms.

It’s critically important that the dose is correct, and that your doctor can exclude any potential interactions with other treatments.

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Potential role of aspirin in the prevention of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage