This Brazilian brew makes you last all night long

This FBI doctor just made a fascinating discovery about an ancient tribe of virile older men…

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This Brazilian brew makes you last all night long

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This beautiful cannibal woman in the Brazilian jungles…

…showed me this special brew that saved her tribe from extinction by giving the elders immense raw sexual power…

The sexual power to satisfy young woman after young woman…

Just a few sips and you’re feeling the energy surging through you…

The story is crazy…but it’s true… this Brazilian brew worked then and it works now…

Here’s the secret Brazilian brew this FBI doctor discovered that makes everything last longer


These nuts and seeds are crushing your kidneys

Oxalates are organic compounds found in various plants, including vegetables and fruits…

And they are particularly high in many nuts and grains.

They are also produced by the human body as a metabolic byproduct.

Oxalates bind to certain minerals, such as calcium and iron, in the body and can interfere with the absorption of these nutrients.

They can accumulate in the body and may contribute to the development of kidney stones in some people.

They may also be associated with an increased risk of certain health conditions, such as osteoporosis and autoimmune diseases.

Many people who believe that they are eating healthy diets consume lots of high oxalate foods, because foods like nuts, beans, and uncooked leaves are incorrectly perceived as beneficial.

For example, one subject who was consuming this type of diet for their gastrointestinal problems ended up with kidney damage.

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The human research was carried out at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences in DC. This paper was published in BMJ Case Reports.

“Oxalate is a metabolite consumed in nuts, beans and leaves, and excreted in urine.”

One of the potential side effects of consuming lots of these high-oxalate foods is kidney damage (nephropathy).

“Oxalosis can cause nephropathy.”

This paper describes a case report where a subject consumed a diet that they believed would help improve their irritable bowel syndrome.

“We describe a rare case of a high-oxalate diet intended for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) treatment causing oxalate nephropathy.”

Blood tests showed that the subject had elevated levels of creatinine.

Creatinine is a waste product produced as muscles break down.

A healthy body quickly disposes of creatinine – but this begins to build up when there are kidney problems.

Normal levels of creatinine top out at about 1.13.

This subject had creatinine levels 50% above the normal range.

“A 59-year-old patient with a history of controlled hypertension presented with creatinine 1.8 mg/dL.”

The doctors first excluded a lot of possible causes for the subject’s kidney problems.

“They denied recent illness, urinary stones, ‘treatment’ adjustments, herbal supplements, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ‘treatment’ use.”

The subject was consuming massive amounts of chia seeds and almonds.

These foods are high in oxalates and have high amounts of harmful unsaturated fats.

“Diet included six tablespoons of chia seeds and five handfuls of almonds daily to manage IBS symptoms.”

The doctors found no apparent signs of clinical kidney disease.

“Her electrolytes, urinalysis, and renal ultrasound were unremarkable.”

Urinalysis showed that the subject was excreting a lot of oxalates.

“Their 24-hour urine output revealed increased oxalate and low citrate.”

A biopsy of the subject’s kidneys showed numerous problems, including tell-tale signs of excess oxalates – calcium oxalate deposition.

“Renal biopsy showed glomerulosclerosis, fibrosis, and calcium oxalate deposition.”

Once the doctors pointed out what was going on, the subject corrected their diet, and the kidney problems were resolved.

This is an excellent example of how diets that are incorrectly perceived as healthy can lead to serious health problems.

Unfortunately, these health problems are often overlooked because the belief in the correctness of the proscribed diet is so strong.

“She switched to a low-oxalate diet, with improvement in laboratory markers.”

The study’s authors point out that the subject had undergone a completely unnecessary, risky, and painful kidney biopsy.

This could have been avoided had someone paid enough attention to her diet and urine test results.

“An earlier dietary history could have raised concern for oxalosis prior to renal biopsy.”

Unfortunately, modern medicine and nutrition are wholly disconnected from fields, with one often completely unaware of what’s going on in the other.

Doctors should be trained in nutrition but very rarely have any practical knowledge on the topic at all.

“Providers should be trained to identify at-risk patients and provide appropriate dietary counseling.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Why men should be eating pizza, pasta and ice cream

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I’ve discovered certain delicious foods that most men are told to avoid…

…foods like pizza, pasta, and ice cream…

And these foods are actually so important in keeping the body’s vitamin and nutrient levels in the perfect golden ratio.

Without these foods — men’s vitamin D levels will fall…

Calcium will get too high and start leaking into the bloodstream, causing blockages…

And even worse, deadly toxic parathyroid hormone levels will rise…

…poisoning the gut, the heart, the kidneys, and even the penis!

So men must keep eating certain foods — foods that they’re often told to stay away from — if they want to keep toxic parathyroid hormone at bay…

…and keep their vitamins and nutrients in the perfect golden ratio for excellent health and rockiness.

So here are the foods you should be eating to get the golden ratio (and they’re super delicious!)


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Diet-induced oxalate nephropathy from excessive nut and seed consumption