These foods could be growing deadly tumors

And they may be increasing the spread of existing tumors…

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These foods could be growing deadly tumors

Matt Cook here, and over the years, scientists have noted many links between dietary fat and cancer.

High-fat diets seem to increase the risk of many types of cancers in humans and in animals.

Some types of cancer also seem to reprogram cells to generate more fat to feed themselves.

Now, researchers have found that some types of cell receptors use fat as a signal to accelerate the spread of cancer.

When researchers blocked these cell receptors they prevented metastasis.

Lower fat diets, or anti-fat treatments, may be the future of cancer therapy.

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These animal experiments were carried out at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona, Spain. The findings were published in Nature.

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells.

It happens all the time – but sometimes these little clumps of cells start to accelerate more rapidly, and then that spreads to other parts of the body.

The spread of these aggressive tumors is called metastasis – and this is when cancer becomes a serious problem.

The cause of metastasis is still something that’s under debate.

Researchers really want to attack the cancer problem by attacking metastasis itself – but they are still not fully sure how it works.

“The fact that the identity of the cells that initiate metastasis in most human cancers is unknown hampers the development of antimetastatic therapies.”

These cancer researchers were investigating different types of cell receptors – little structures on the outside of cells.

The researchers wanted to see if they could be responsible for triggering the spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

They found that one type of cell had a receptor which was particularly interested in fat.

When this cell receptor detected fat it became extremely active.

“We described some cells that express high levels of the fatty acid receptor and lipid metabolism genes.”

In their cell experiments – and experiments on rodents – they found that these cells played a major role in metastasis.

“These cells with high levels of fatty acid receptors are unique in their ability to initiate metastasis.

They then carried out some experiments on different groups of rodents.

Some rodents were found on a normal diet. Other rodents were given a high-fat diet which could activate these fatty acid receptors.

The rodents were implanted with human cancer cells.

The researchers looked to see whether the high-fat diet had any effect on cancer growth.

The high-fat diet accelerated the growth and spread of cancer.

(That’s not a new discovery.)

The researchers discovered that the spread of cancer was accelerated by a high fat diet…

…and that the metastasis depended on the fatty acid receptors being activated by fat from the diet.

“A high-fat diet specifically boosts the metastatic potential of the fatty acid receptor cells – dependent on the fatty acid receptor.”

This is a major finding – it could have huge implications for cancer research. So the scientists wanted to verify what they found.

The team carried out another experiment.

This time, the animals fed a high-fat diet were also given antibodies which blocked the fatty acid receptors which were thought to initiate the spread of cancer.

The findings confirmed their initial results.

Blocking the fatty acid receptor prevented the spread of cancer – even in animals on a high-fat diet.

“The use of neutralizing antibodies to block the fatty acid receptor caused almost complete inhibition of metastases with no side effects.”

The researchers found a way to block the spread of cancer by blocking the cell receptor which is activated by dietary fat.

The study could lead the way to extremely complicated and potentially risky treatments which may slow or stop cancer.

The study also underlines the importance of dietary fat in the initiation and spread of cancer.

(If you don’t have lots of fat you can’t activate the problematic receptor.)

“Our results indicate that metastasis initiating cells rely on dietary fat to promote the spread of cancer.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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Targeting metastasis-initiating cells through the fatty acid receptor CD36