These drops help boost DHEA, testosterone and DHT

They help the body produce more natural prohormones

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These drops help boost DHEA, testosterone, and DHT

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Have you heard of a special type of molecule called prohormones?

Prohormones are the molecules that form testosterone, DHT, and other important male androgens.

These prohormones stack together like building blocks to create new androgens in our bodies.

So the more prohormones men have, the easier it is for the body to produce testosterone, DHT, and other androgens.

And my formula safely supports this natural process.

It delivers more prohormones right to the source — the testicles — where the body uses those prohormones to create male androgens.

And it directs the body into making more male androgens faster.

And this is fantastic because research shows that men with higher androgen levels have fuller male members and better penile function.

Here’s my formula for men — all you need is a few drops…


Why older men get sicker than younger men

Hey, Matt Cook here, and you probably already know that older people are more susceptible to infectious disease…

Younger people might catch the bug – but they rarely get as sick as older folks do.

And in the last few decades, we are starting to learn the reasons why this is so.

One factor I’ve written about before is the influence of zinc.

Zinc is essential for the functioning of the thymus gland – the master regulator of immunity.

Older people tend to have lower zinc levels.

But another emerging factor is the role of hormones like DHEA, androstenediol, and androstenetriol.

These hormones are higher in younger people, and they promote stronger immune function.

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The animal experiments were performed at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. The paper was published in Psychoneuroendocrinology.

Everyone knows that stress increases the likelihood of people getting sick.

One of the reasons for this is an increase in cortisol – a corticosteroid which suppresses immune function.

The same thing happens with glucocorticoid (cortisol-like) medications.

“The anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive functions of corticosteroids have been well established and characterized.”

The authors of this study were interested in a number of hormones which they believe may act in the opposite way…

Increasing immune system function and protecting against immune suppression by glucocorticoids.

“DHEA and two of its metabolites, androstenediol (AED) and androstenetriol (AET), up-regulate immune response against infections and counteract stress-induced immunosuppression.”

In experiments, these natural hormones have been shown to protect against various different types of infections…

…showing an all-round immune protective effect.

“DHEA and particularly, AED and beta AET, have been shown to protect mice from viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections.”

The experiments showed that they protect against the immune suppressing effect of glucocorticoids.

The natural glucocorticoid in humans is cortisol.

Older people tend to have higher cortisol and cortisol is increased by all types of stress.

But many people also use glucocorticoid treatments to treat inflammatory conditions.

This research shows that these hormones could help prevent the immune suppression caused by these treatments.

“These hormones are in opposition to immunosuppressive action of glucocorticoids, suggesting a possible new immune regulation mechanism.”

DHEA is the first of these hormones.

The other two mentioned in this article are made from DHEA and they are intermediate hormones between DHEA and testosterone.

All of these hormones have specific beneficial effects on immunity.

“DHEA suppressed the proliferation of cultures activated with bacterial fragments in a dose-dependent manner.”

The authors were particularly interested in the protective effect against glucocorticoid treatments like hydrocortisone.

They found that DHEA and androstenediol had little effect.

“Moreover, the classic immunosuppressive effects of hydrocortisone were unaffected by being co-cultured with DHEA and only minimally counteracted by AED at high doses.”

But androstenetriol (AET) prevented the immune system suppression caused by hydrocortisone.

If doctors implemented this knowledge correctly they could save a lot of lives by preventing unnecessary infections in people using this treatment.

“AET significantly counteracted the immunosuppressive effects of hydrocortisone on lymphocyte proliferation and cytokine production.”

Androstenetriol looks particularly effective at improving the vitality of a weak immune system.

“Only AET could markedly potentiate the cellular response by increasing lymphocyte activation and counteracting the immunosuppressive activity of hydrocortisone on lymphocyte proliferation and cytokine production.”

Androstenediol and androstenetriol are relatively understudied hormones.

But they are made from DHEA, and we know a lot about that.

DHEA decreases with age, and this decrease in DHEA could explain much of the decreased immunity we see in older people compared to younger people.

It is possible to increase your DHEA levels by taking a DHEA supplement.

We need to be careful not to take too much, otherwise it can increase estrogen – causing unwanted side effects.

—-Important Message About Reducing Cortisol—-

Banned because it works too well — the simple supplement that burns away belly fat while building more muscle

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In the 1930s, a shocking scientific experiment proved that a simple supplement could literally burn fat away in men…

And it didn’t just burn the fat away, it increased muscle mass, testosterone, and libido…

…and it naturally lowered all the bad stress hormones in the body…

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And then they banned this simple supplement… simply because it was working too well…

You see, it was effectively killing off the diet and exercise industries…

And Big Pharma wanted to sell men expensive treatments instead.

So they banned it… but I brought it back…

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Antiglucocorticoid function of androstenetriol