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This weird treatment stops cortisol and leads to bigger, stronger muscles

Matt Cook here, and cortisol is a hormone which can help us to regulate blood sugar. It also helps to keep inflammation under control.

A little cortisol at the right time is essential to stay alive.

But when cortisol is chronically elevated, it can cause all sorts of problems.

Recently, researchers developed a treatment which blocks the cortisol receptor.

Experiments using this treatment show just how much of an impact chronically elevated cortisol may be having on the general population.

Blocking cortisol prevents and reverses obesity while increasing muscle mass.

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The animal experiments were performed at Southampton University in the United Kingdom. The paper was published in the journal of the American Physiological Society.

The researchers were carrying out their experiments using a treatment called RU 486. This treatment is a glucocorticoid receptor blocker.

It blocks the cell receptor which is otherwise activated by glucocorticoids like cortisol or corticosterone, which is the animal version of cortisol.

By blocking the receptor, RU 486 blocks many of the effects of corticosteroids.

“The effects of RU 486 on the development of obesity in young 5-wk-old obese fa/fa rats has been investigated.”

The experiments were carried out on “fa/fa rats.” These are rats used because of their genetic likelihood for becoming obese.

They have been used in hundreds of obesity experiments worldwide.

These rats are obese by about fo4ur weeks old. At 14 weeks of age their body is made up of 40% fat.

Some of the rats were given the cortisol blocker for 15 days.

Those rats were compared against obese fa/fa rats who were not given the cortisol-blocking treatment.

They were also compared against normal rats not given any treatment.

Just 2 weeks of treatment with the cortisol-blocking treatment prevented or reversed obesity in these genetically obese rats.

They ended up being as lean as normal, healthy rats.

“After 15 days of treatment, body composition of obese RU 486-treated rats was similar to that of lean-vehicle rats.”

In simple terms, the cortisol-blocking treatment reversed obesity.

“Analysis of body composition changes showed that RU 486 effectively reversed obesity.”

Not only was fat accumulation prevented – the animals also gained more muscle.

They were getting lean and muscular, rather than obese.

Cortisol has the effect of increasing fat gain – but cortisol is also a stress hormone that breaks down muscle protein.

“RU 486 stopped fat deposition in obese rats but increased protein deposition to the level of lean-vehicle rats.”

The cortisol-blocking treatment improved energetic metabolism in the animals.

It also prevented hyperplasia – also known as overeating.

“RU 486 prevented the development of hyperphagia and reduced gross energetic efficiency in the obese rats but had little effect on lean rats.”

The treatment also had profound effects on enzymes related to fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

These enzymes are also involved in energy production inside the mitochondria.

The enzymes are known as hippocampal glycerophosphate dehydrogenase.

“RU 486 also reduced the elevated activity of hippocampal glycerophosphate dehydrogenase, a glucocorticoid-responsive enzyme, of obese rats to the level of lean rats.”

The results of this study are the latest in a long series of research papers being published which show the effect of cortisol and the cortisol receptors on metabolic health.

“The evidence suggests that abnormal activity of glucocorticoid receptors or abnormal cellular responsiveness to corticosterone/cortisol receptor complexes may be important in the development of obesity in the fa/fa rat.”

Blocking the cortisol receptor can have profound metabolic and overall health benefits.

But it’s also true that decreasing the levels of cortisol in the body can have similar benefits.

Eating adequate carbohydrates and protein regularly lowers cortisol.

Making sure you get enough high-quality sleep also helps to keep cortisol under control.

Sleeping at the right times and getting lots of bright light in the morning, but not at night, also helps to regulate the daily cortisol patterns.

Those 3 things can actually have quite a profound effect on cortisol levels for most people.

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