Testosterone’s big brother cuts cancer rates in half

This 1 supplement reduces prostate cancer rates by 50%

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Testosterone’s big brother cuts cancer rates in half

DHT is like a big brother to testosterone.

It’s a primary male hormone responsible for many of the structural aspects we associate with masculinity.

Like testosterone, DHT is absolutely essential for optimal male health.

But if you ask most guys what they know about DHT, they will probably tell you that it causes baldness and prostate problems.

This information is based on faulty theories from decades ago which have long since been disproven.

For example, when researchers gave DHT to rodents which were predisposed to developing prostate cancer…

…they found that prostate cancer decreased by 50% compared to animals not given supplemental DHT.

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The animal research was carried out at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. The findings were published in the journal Prostate.

The researchers were investigating the role of epigenetic factors in prostate cancer.

In other words, they were looking at factors which influenced genes thought to be related to the disease.

“Gene-regulated mechanisms governing tumor development, but the actual development of tumors can be suppressed or promoted by epigenetic factors.”

Male hormones, particularly DHT, are blamed for causing some diseases common in men.

This research was designed to look at the effects of DHT on cancer promoting genes.

For the experiment, the researchers used rats which were bred for an increased likelihood of developing prostate cancer.

By 20 months old, about 1 in 4 of these lobund-wistar (LW) rats develop prostate cancer.

“Lobund-Wister rats are genetically predisposed to developing spontaneous and metastasising adenocarcinomas of the prostate.”

The researchers took 145 12-month-old rats. They were split into 2 different groups of similar numbers.

1 group of rats was given an implant of DHT. This slowly released DHT into the animals over the next few months.

“At 12 months, 70 L-W rats were administered an implant of 40 mg of DHT, and 75 untreated rats served as controls.”

The researchers checked the rats for tumors every so often, and the rats were autopsied at 24 months.

At 24 months, more than 1/4 of the untreated rats had developed prostate cancers.

“And aged 24 months, 20 of 75 DHT-free control rats (27%) had developed tumors.”

But the rates of prostate cancer were significantly lower in animals given DHT.

DHT seemed to decrease the rate of prostate cancer by half.

“At 24 months, 9 of 70 DHT-treated rats (13%) had developed tumors.”

Though many still theorize about the potential role of DHT in causing prostate cancer…

…high-quality experiments always show just the opposite.

There are many, many experiments and investigations in humans and animals showing that DHT protects against the development of prostate cancer…

Exactly the opposite of what most people believe.

“We found that slow-release implants of DHT administered to rats at age 12 months reduced by 50% the development of spontaneous prostate tumors.

It’s not only DHT either.

Numerous experiments have shown that supplemental testosterone, when properly administered, seems to protect against prostate cancer.

Men with lower levels of testosterone and DHT are more likely to develop prostate cancer.

They are more likely to develop severe prostate cancer too.

The “treatments” for prostate cancer which are designed to lower the male hormones have been an absolute disaster.

They don’t help with prostate cancer, but they do have a myriad of torturous and severe side effects.

What’s more, the vast majority of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer would never succumb to the disease anyway…

…because it is usually very slow moving and regularly overdiagnosed.

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Have you ever heard of luteinizing hormone?

Luteinizing hormone (LH) is used to create testosterone, DHT, and other important male androgens.

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