Natural treatment for ulcerative colitis

Natural treatment for ulcerative colitis

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Ulcerative colitis is a pretty unpleasant disease and it affects many millions of people.

Colitis can be primarily in the rectum, or it can be in the entire colon or large intestine.

Ulcerative colitis is inflammation that creates ulcers, or sores, in the rectum or gut.

It’s becoming more and more common every day.

And I think it’s because of the high amount of very inflammatory PUFAs that are in our modern diet.

As you know, PUFAs are polyunsaturated fatty acids.

However, I want to show you a study that sure beats the heck out of all the other treatments.

With how common it is, doctors and patients are desperate for effective ways how to treat colitis.

And there are no shortages of remedies for colitis.

There are many medications that doctors prescribe for ulcerative colitis.

These include steroids and very harmful Big Pharma drugs.

But, this study shows how these may be completely unnecessary.

And how you may be able to get rid of your ulcerative colitis with a simple vitamin treatment!

So here’s what they did in the study.

The researchers took a bunch of men and women who had pretty bad ulcerative colitis.

These men and women had been on drugs and a tried various treatments.

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And they had a mix of either had mild or severe cases.

Researchers gave them these:

Researchers had these men and women stick vitamin E into their rectum.

That’s it.

That’s all they did.

They gave themselves a simple vitamin E enema every day.

That’s right!

These men and women found their ulcerative colitis virtually disappeared over 12 weeks.

The authors of the study followed up with these men and women for months after the study.

And they found that NONE of these participants had any relapses at all.

There was a similar “control” group of men and women who did not get the vitamin E treatment.

A few of the control participants had flare-ups of their ulcerative colitis.

So of all the men and women who did the simple vitamin E enema, none of them had their ulcerative colitis come back.

And they were all very happy and satisfied with the treatment.

Plus, there were no side effects or bad results either.

Now, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not telling you to stick vitamin E into your anus.

But you may want to talk to your doctor about this if you have ulcerative colitis or are developing ulcerative colitis.

You can buy vitamin E liquid very easily, and it’s inexpensive.

But everything you do to your body carries some risks.

And you are unique, so your risk could be slightly different than the next person.

So make sure that you consult your physician before you try this.

But if your doctor approves, you can try this vitamin E enema treatment for ulcerative colitis.

I hope this is helpful for you or anybody you know who may have ulcerative colitis.

And I hope that you work with your physician to try this treatment.



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