Kick starting metabolism this way leads to massive morning wood

You’re feeling like a randy teenage boy again

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Kick starting metabolism this way leads to massive morning wood

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Remember being 15 years old and eating two helpings at every meal?

You never gained a pound of fat eating this way…and you were ready for action if you ever got lucky with a girl (I never did, LOL)…

In fact, you burned calories just sitting still. You had crazy energy.

And I’ll bet your member was always springing to attention too…

It’s not like that anymore, is it?

So why is that? What’s the difference between then and now?

Metabolism. As we age, it slows down.

If we could just speed it up again, our testosterone would jump high again, and we’d have those youthful rocky ones…

…but this time we’d know what to do with it, LOL.

So now you know why I spent years researching a way to speed up my own metabolism.

I tried many, many things.

And nothing worked…until I found a combination of ingredients that naturally restore a teenage metabolism.

It works for me, and I’m almost 60.

And I plan to use it when I’m 110 years old. I believe that it will help me live decades longer.

Did you know that a fast metabolism can extend lifespan?

And makes sex SO much better…

You won’t believe this story, but I swear under penalty of perjury it’s true…


This type of exercise is harming the heart

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, it was common to see young doctors running, the further the better.

The idea was that exercise is good for the heart – cardiovascular exercise was particularly good…

…and more cardiovascular exercise was even better for the heart!

This has long since been disproven – and you don’t see as many gaunt young doctors falling about the streets in sportswear.

There are numerous published studies showing that long-distance runners have elevated levels of cardiac troponin – a sign of damage to the heart.

Cardiac troponin is tested in people with suspected cardiovascular issues.

There is also pretty recent research showing that exercise increases coronary artery calcification.

This is the buildup of calcium in the blood vessels in the heart which causes cardiovascular disease.

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The human study was carried out at the Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine in Seoul, Korea. The paper was published in the journal Heart.

In one of my newsletters, I discussed how stress (psychological or metabolic) causes derangement of calcium.

Under stress, calcium leaches from the bones and floods into the soft tissues where it accelerates aging and triggers disease.

The most well-known effect of calcification is in the blood vessels – particularly those around the heart…

Because this is the most likely cause of death from calcification.

And although excessive exercise can be quite an extreme stress…

…the relationship between calcification of the blood vessels around the heart and exercise has never been assessed.

“The association of physical activity with the development and progression of coronary artery calcium scores has not been studied.”

To find out more, researchers analyzed data from almost 25,000 people.

All of the participants had been assessed for coronary artery calcium scores at 2 different time points.

The coronary artery calcium score is the result of the scan which quantifies the amount of calcium buildup in the blood vessels around the heart.

The researchers would find out if exercise could have any effect on calcium buildup in the heart over a 5 year period.

“The primary outcome was a difference in 5 year change in coronary artery calcification scores by physical activity category at baseline.”

The participants were split into 3 different categories according to the amount of activity and exercise they reported.

Group 1 was inactive or moderately active with 3 or more days of vigorous activity for 20 minutes or more per day.

Group 2 was more active with 5 days of activity of 30 minutes or more per day.

Group 3 were the exercise addicts – the type of people who run miles almost every day.

At the outset, coronary artery calcium scores were higher in people who had more exercise and physical activity.

“The average baseline coronary artery calcium scores in inactive participants were 9.45, in moderately active they were 10.2 and they were 12.4 in people who are very physically active.”

According to the calcium scores – those who exercised a lot were in far worse shape in terms of cardiovascular health!

What’s more, things only got worse over time.

When compared with inactive people, moderately active people had an increase in calcium scores of 3.2 over 5 years.

Calcium scores increased by a massive 8.16 in exercise addicts – compared to those who had the least amount of physical activity.

“Higher physical activity was associated with faster progression of coronary artery calcium scores.”

The researchers found that exercise increases calcification of the blood vessels around the heart in a dose-dependent manner.

Now, I don’t think that people should avoid exercise entirely.

But exercise is stressful – and we need to take care to make sure we do the minimum necessary to maintain health and ensure optimum recovery.

We now know for certain that where exercise is concerned – more is not better.

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El Alto “exercise” makes your body impervious to heart attacks?

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After my friend had a heart attack…

…I found out that doctors are dead wrong when they say that heart muscle can’t regrow and become as good as it once was…

In fact, they’re using this 90 second technique in post-op care right now for heart attack patients…

And thanks to this discovery, my friend used it to make a FULL recovery from a heart attack.

His heart attack was life threatening but thankfully, due to this discovery, he is healthier than he was BEFORE.

This 90 second El Alto “exercise” can also help PREVENT heart attacks in the first place, with no side effects either.

Even if you have NO history of heart disease…this could shield you from the world’s #1 killer…in as little as 90 seconds a day…


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Physical activity and the progression of coronary artery calcification