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Women in this small Connecticut town are DESPERATE to get their hands on this doctor’s erections secret

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Doctor’s huge erections secret

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Women in this small Connecticut town are DESPERATE to get their hands on this doctor’s erections secret.

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Can this 1 fruit help men prevent cancer?

The esophagus is the tube which runs from the mouth to the stomach.

It’s the first point of contact for everything we inhale or swallow.

Because of this, the esophagus bears the brunt of noxious compounds contained in alcohol or smoke.

It’s no surprise then that oesophageal cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide.

Researchers have been looking for substances which can lower the incidence of esophagus cancer…

Substances with low-risk and low-cost.

Researchers decided to test out some known-anti-cancer agents.

They discovered that aspirin and strawberries may prevent many cases of this cancer.

Both are also known to reduce the risk of other cancers.

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The animal experiments were carried out at Medical College of Wisconsin the research was published in the Journal of Berry Research.

The researchers focused in on 1 type of esophageal cancer which results in a lot of diagnoses and deaths.

“Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) is one of two subtypes of esophageal cancer, with high incidence and mortality rates in developing countries.”

Aspirin is a cheap and relatively safe substance which has anticancer effects…

That’s why they chose to use aspirin in their experiments.

“Low-dose aspirin is used to prevent cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer. Observational studies also indicate a lower risk of esophagus cancer with daily intake of low dose aspirin.”

Strawberries and other berries also have cancer limiting properties.

“Strawberries contain protective chemicals and studies have described their anti-cancer effects in prostate cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, melanoma and leukemia.”

So, the researchers carried out some animal experiments looking at the effect of strawberries and aspirin on papillomas.

Papilomas are structures which form before cancer occurs.

“We investigated the potential chemoprotective effects of strawberries and aspirin against the development of rat esophageal papillomas, the precursors to oesophageal cancer.”

The research was carried out on rats which were treated with a cancer-causing chemical called an NMBA.

NMBA causes oesophageal cancer.

“Using a prevention model, we administered study diets to rats before, during, and after NMBA treatment.”

The animals were given various combinations of the test substances in their diet in precise amounts.

“Diets were: the control diet, 5% strawberry powder in the control diet, 0.01% aspirin in the drinking water, and the combination of both.”

After about 6 months, the researchers euthanized the animals and had a look to see what was going on in their throats.

“At week 25, we euthanized all the rats and collected their esophagi to quantify tumor incidence, multiplicity, and burden.”

Aspirin or strawberry proved to have anti-cancer effects on esophageal cancers.

The combination of aspirin and strawberry had the most potent effect against oesophageal cancer.

“Both significantly decreased esophageal tumor multiplicity, with the combination causing the most robust suppression.”

In humans, alcohol and smoking seemed to be the major causes of esophageal cancer.

Other common toxins can also be triggers for the disease.

But this study shows that consuming some strawberries or a little aspirin daily…

…can significantly reduce the risk of very common esophageal cancers.

“Strawberries and aspirin, alone and in combination, significantly suppressed squamous epithelial cell proliferation”.

It is not just strawberries, most fruits have significant anti-cancer effects.

Fruits have numerous elements which are very good for your metabolism too.

Fresh, ripe, sweet fruits should make up a major part of your caloric intake.

Aspirin is also one of the most beneficial things you can consume – provided it is in the right amount.

Low doses of aspirin between 80 and 150mg per day can significantly reduce the incidence of many types of cancer.

Higher doses have been used in some cancer treatment studies…

But aspirin is a blood thinner and you need to be careful about interactions with treatments and supplements when taking higher doses.

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Inhibition of the development of N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine-induced esophageal tumors in rats by strawberries and aspirin, alone and in combination