Is your toothbrush making you sick?

I’m getting rid of mine right now – here’s why

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I just got a wake-up call about my oral health…

I always thought I was doing enough by brushing my teeth regularly…

…but it turns out my toothbrush might be doing more harm than good for my overall health.

Here’s what I discovered about how to keep my toothbrush clean and my mouth healthy…

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Is your toothbrush making you sick?

As we age, taking care of our oral health becomes increasingly important.

In the United States, nearly 50% of adults over 30 suffer from gum disease, and about 1 in 4 adults over 65 have lost all of their teeth.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to a range of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even sexual problems in men.

You’ve read that right.

Neglecting your oral health can lead to problems in the bedroom.

Research has shown that men with periodontal disease are more likely to have poor erections than those with healthy gums.

So if you want to keep things spicy in the bedroom, it’s time to start brushing up on your oral hygiene.

Well, obviously, the best way to do that is to brush your teeth regularly.

Everything is good so far.

Regular brushing. We are not splitting atoms.

I’d like to give you a fresh perspective today.

More or less, most of you are doing regular brushing — if not, you need to start now.


Did you know that your TOOTHBRUSH can potentially cause health problems?

Well, you will in a moment – because your toothbrush may be a hotbed of harmful organisms, today’s study suggests.

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This study was conducted at Bapuji Dental College. It was published in the Indian Journal of Dental Research.

The researchers aimed to assess the microbial contamination of toothbrushes after 1 and 3 months of use.

“The most common oral hygiene aid used to improve the oral health of an individual is toothbrush and it is often neglected to maintain in a proper aseptic condition, which could probably result in contamination by various microorganisms.”

To do the experiment, they collected 40 toothbrushes from participants.

20 toothbrushes were kept in bathrooms with attached toilets, and 20 toothbrushes were kept in bathrooms without attached toilets.

Among these, 10 toothbrushes in each group were used for 1 month, and the other 10 were used for 3 months.

After the toothbrushes were used for the designated time period…

…the researchers assessed the microbial contamination of the deposit on the toothbrush head, specifically between the bristle tufts.

The results made me throw away my current toothbrush…

They found that several types of dangerous microorganisms were present on toothbrushes.

Streptococcus mutans, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas, Lactobacillus, Klebsiella, Candida species were isolated in 1 month and 3 months using toothbrushes kept in the bathrooms without an attached toilet.”

Escherichia coli was found in 3 months used toothbrushes kept in the bathrooms with an attached toilet.”

Read that again…

Candida, E. coli, and Klebsiella

These could hurt your health in so many ways – you definitely don’t want to ingest them just by BRUSHING YOUR TEETH.

That would be… not good.

These harmful organisms were found to be more prevalent in toothbrushes that had been used for 3 months.

“Microorganisms were found in isolated form in toothbrushes used for 1 month, whereas in toothbrushes used for 3 months they are found in clumps.”

The study concluded that the pathogen deposit on toothbrush heads is a breeding ground for microorganisms…

Microorganisms that can negatively impact your oral and general health.

“Deposit on the toothbrush head between bristle tufts is a nidus for growth of microorganisms, which not only affects the oral health but also affects the general health of an individual.”

So, what to do?

Well, the first thing is to change your current toothbrush immediately.

Then, don’t store the new one in the bathroom.

And clean it regularly with hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar.

Change that every 3 months or so as well.

This way, you will prevent harmful organisms from harboring your mouth and body.

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Matt Cook is editor-in-chief of Daily Medical Discoveries. Matt has been a full time health researcher for 26 years. ABC News interviewed Matt on sexual health issues not long ago. Matt is widely quoted on over 1,000,000 websites. He has over 300,000 daily newsletter readers. Daily Medical Discoveries finds hidden, buried or ignored medical studies through the lens of 100 years of proven science. Matt heads up the editorial team of scientists and health researchers. Each discovery is based upon primary studies from peer reviewed science sources following the Daily Medical Discoveries 7 Step Process to ensure accuracy.