How to use T to never forget a face or phone number

If you want a strong memory, testosterone levels are key

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and you probably know that having high T levels is ideal for a man.

But did you know it can also help you keep a strong mind and memory into old age?

Higher T levels help the brain create new neurons essential for memory.

So I’m showing you my favorite way to boost T down below…

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How to use T to never forget a face or phone number

Hey, Matt Cook here, and we could all do with better memory – but particularly as we get older, memory can become a real problem.

There are many reasons for this.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and overlooked reasons why older men suffer from poor memory is related to testosterone.

One part of the brain plays a large role in the ability to develop new memories.

In this part of the brain, new cells are essential for generating new memories.

Researchers found that castrated rats had problems with this part of the brain. The new brain cells did not survive for very long.

Adding testosterone, or its close relative DHT, increased the survival of these memory cells.

This may explain some of the memory problems experienced by some older guys.

Memory problems can be caused by low hormones, rather than age itself.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Research was published in Developmental Neurobiology.

The experiments center around part of the brain called the dentate gyrus.

This part of the brain seems to play a large role in developing new episodic memories, as well as curiosity and resistance to stress and depression.

It’s a part of the brain that seems to have pretty high rates of cell turnover.

This brain region creates lots of new neurons – which is probably related to its role in generating new memories.

This study was designed to look at the role of male hormones (androgens) on the proliferation of new brain cells in this region.

This is called neurogenesis.

“Past research suggests that androgens may play a role in the regulation of adult neurogenesis within the dentate gyrus.”

The first experiment involves separating rats into 2 groups.

One group of rats were castrated to see if the decrease in male hormones from removing the testicles had any effect on neurogenesis.

They found that these memory brain cells were far less likely to survive for a 30 day period in the castrated animals.

“Castrated males showed a significant decrease in 30 day brain cell survival within the dentate gyrus.”

There was no change in the survival rates of brain cells in the non-castrated animals…

…supporting the idea that male hormones are important for this part of the brain.

Next, the researchers gave mice supplemental testosterone – to see if they could boost the lifespan of these brain cells.

Testosterone increased the survival of brain cells thought to be critical for the development of new memories.

“Higher doses of testosterone resulted in a significant increase in neurogenesis.”

Finally, the researchers looked at estrogen and DHT.

Testosterone can be converted into either of these 2 hormones.

DHT is a healthy, masculine hormone – but estrogen is a problem.

The researchers found that only DHT increased the survival rates of these brain cells.

“30 days of injections of DHT, but not estrogen, resulted in a significant increase in neurogenesis.”

The research shows the importance of testosterone in the survival of new brain cells in this critical part of the brain.

This may partly explain why low testosterone is associated with poor memory and depression.

Protecting your testosterone levels is very important for the health of your brain…

As is making sure that testosterone does not get converted to estrogen…

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Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, but not estradiol, enhance survival of new hippocampal neurons in adult male rats