Is this common gut problem the real cause of your pain?

Here’s how to find out

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Hey, Matt Cook here, I recently stumbled upon some fascinating research for men in pain.

Turns out, there’s a sneaky gut issue that can actually make pain feel worse, and it tends to affect men the most.

But don’t worry, because there is 1 simple thing you can do about it…

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Is this common gut problem the real cause of your pain?

We all experience pain from time to time…

…but some people suffer from pain more – and some people suffer from mysterious long-term chronic pain conditions.

Chronic pain tends to affect women more than men.

It is a diverse problem, increasing sensitivity to many different types of pain – similar to what you might feel if you have a bad flu.

Much of the reason for this is the fact that gut bugs called endotoxin increase inflammation in the body…

…and this inflammation leads to increased sensations of pain.

The research even shows that women are more sensitive to the effects of these bugs than men are.

Though we can get these bugs from food or from the air – we mostly get them from having a leaky gut.

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The human research was carried out at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. The paper was published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.

The authors of this study were investigating the relationship between inflammation and elevated pain sensation.

Inflammation can be caused by a traumatic impact – but it can also be caused by bacteria circulating in your system.

“Systemic inflammation can induce pain hypersensitivity in animal and human experimental models, and has been proposed to be central in clinical pain conditions.”

The researchers are also interested in any potential sex differences in pain sensation.

“Women are overrepresented in many chronic pain conditions, but experimental studies on sex differences in pain regulation during systemic inflammation are still scarce.”

The researchers carried out 2 slightly different studies where they injected bacterial endotoxin into a number of volunteers.

Then they tested their responses to pain over the next few hours.

“In two randomized and double blind placebo controlled experiments, we used low doses of endotoxin as an experimental model of systemic inflammation.”

They looked at various different responses to pain in men and women.

“We investigated pressure, heat, and cold pain thresholds, suprathreshold noxious heat and cold sensitivity, and conditioned pain modulation in men and women.”

The overall effect was that this common gut bug increases some types of pain.

“Endotoxin induced significantly lower pressure pain thresholds as compared to placebo. Heat and cold pain thresholds remained unaffected.”

In the most extreme tests of pain, endotoxin did not have any effects in men.

“Suprathreshold noxious pain was not affected by endotoxin in men.”

But women injected with endotoxin experienced extreme pain to a greater degree.

Endotoxin works together with estrogen to amplify inflammation which leads to greater pain.

This may be why women experience endotoxin-related pain more.

“However, endotoxin made women rated suprathreshold noxious heat stimuli as more painful, and showed a tendency to rate noxious cold pain as more painful as compared to placebo.”

Women reported being less able to adjust to pain under the influence of endotoxin too.

“Furthermore, endotoxin impaired conditioned pain modulation, a measure of endogenous pain inhibition, but this effect was also restricted to women.”

The researchers found that the increased response to pain…

…was related to an increase in the number of inflammatory proteins – interleukin six and interleukin eight – both elevated by endotoxin.

“Pain sensitivity correlated positively with plasma IL-6 and IL-8 levels.”

Endotoxin increases pain – more so than a deep level – the type of pain you experience during a bad flu.

This makes sense because the flu makes your gut barrier more leaky, which leads to more endotoxin inflaming your system.

“The results show that inflammation more strongly affects deep pain, rather than cutaneous pain, and suggest that women’s pain perception and modulation is more sensitive to immune activation than men’s.”

This is yet another reason to look after the health of your gut.

A healthy gut will have lower endotoxin and keep that endotoxin inside the gut where it causes minimal inflammation.

So as you can see, keeping your gut happy and healthy is key to managing pain and inflammation throughout your body.

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Modality and sex differences in pain sensitivity during human endotoxemia