Green Beret’s single touch secret to giving her explosive O’s

This military grade touch technique unlocks her full O potential

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Green Beret’s single touch secret to giving her explosive O’s

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How could an ex-Green Beret demolish a Navy Seal with a single PINCH…

…and yet also effortlessly seduce gorgeous women with the stroke of his palm?

Here’s a fascinating peep into the seductive power that you too can wield in the palm of your hands.

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This special form of vitamin C accelerates cardiac recovery

Cardiac surgery is becoming more common, and thankfully, surgeries themselves are becoming relatively safer…

Now it’s recovery that is the main area where I believe major improvements need to be made.

A few older studies have shown that vitamin C can lower the risk of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery.

So recently, researchers looked at the effect of vitamin C on cardiac surgery recovery in more depth.

This study shows that smart vitamin C supplementation would be hugely beneficial to many people who undergo cardiac surgery.

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The review of human studies was carried out at the Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Medical Faculty RWTH Aachen, D-52074 Aachen, Germany. The results were published in the journal Nutrients.

Surgery is a stressful event.

It increases oxidative stress and inflammation.

This stress and inflammation leads to damage – which provides optimal recovery from surgery.

“Cardiac surgery is associated with oxidative stress and systemic inflammation, which both contribute to postoperative organ dysfunction”

Vitamin C lowers stress at a fundamental level. It decreases inflammation and extinguishes oxidative stress.

“Vitamin C is a pleiotropic, antioxidant, and potentially organ-protective micronutrient. ”

So it makes sense that this nutrient could be beneficial for people recovering from surgery.

Previous studies have found that vitamin C can lower the risk of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery.

“Past clinical trials have focused predominantly on occurrence of post-operative atrial fibrillation.”

This was the first study designed to look at the overall effect of vitamin C on post-operative recovery from cardiac surgery.

“We investigated the influence of perioperative vitamin C administration on clinically relevant parameters closer related to the patient’s recovery, especially organ function, and overall outcomes after cardiac surgery.”

The investigators searched the medical databases for high-quality studies comparing vitamin C against placebo in cases of cardiac surgery.

“Randomized controlled trials comparing perioperative vitamin C administration versus placebo or standard of care in adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery were identified through systematic database searches.”

The researchers identified 19 high-quality studies to use in their analysis.

Patients who supplemented with vitamin C spent significantly shorter time on a ventilator after surgery.

“Vitamin C significantly decreased ventilation time.”

Those who used vitamin C left the intensive care unit sooner.

“Vitamin C significantly decreased intensive care unit length of stay.”

Supplementing with vitamin C led to significantly shorter hospital stays after surgery.

“Vitamin C significantly decreased hospital length of stay.”

The researchers also confirmed previous findings showing that vitamin C supplementation lowers the risk of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery.

“Vitamin C supplementation significantly decreased the incidence of atrial fibrillation.”

The analysis shows that the use of vitamin C can accelerate recovery from cardiac surgery.

Of course, most people would like to get out of hospital sooner.

In many countries, sooner also means much, much cheaper.

Smart vitamin C supplementation could save people an awful lot of money.

“Vitamin C impacts clinically and economically important outcomes, such as ICU and hospital length-of-stay, duration of mechanical ventilation and lowers the incidence of atrial fibrillation.”

The researchers did not carry out analysis of the type of vitamin C or the doses of vitamin C used in the studies.

However, a number of these studies analyzed used relatively high doses of vitamin C.

High doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid – the most common form) taken orally can cause diarrhea…

Which could cause major problems if taken around the time of surgery.

In clinical settings, high-dose vitamin C is usually delivered intravenously in order to avoid causing diarrhea.

There is a newer form of vitamin C called liposomal vitamin C.

This can be taken orally and is far less likely to cause any gastrointestinal side effects at the same dose.

At any rate, vitamin supplementation around surgery should be cleared with the surgeon first.

—-Important Message About Using the Right Form of Vitamin C—-

This unique form of vitamin C increases penile blood flow in men

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I’m now using Super C, and it’s making regular vitamin C obsolete…

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But my new Super C stays in the bloodstream for HOURS, not minutes.

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Effects of Vitamin C on Organ Function in Cardiac Surgery Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis