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Do this when you’re alone – leads to better partner sex

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How to treat glaucoma without surgery

Glaucoma is an increasingly common eye problem that can cause discomfort, vision problems, and blindness.

One of the causes of glaucoma is reduced levels of natural antioxidants in the eye.

Glutathione is one of our most important antioxidants.

Numerous experiments have shown that animals and humans with low glutathione levels are much more likely to develop glaucoma.

Increasing glutathione seems to slow and possibly reverse the problem. Let’s take a look at one of the studies.

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The human research was carried out in Russia, and the paper was published in the Russian Bulletin of Ophthalmology (Vestnik Oftalmologii).

The researchers looked at 151 patients. This patient had either open-angle or closed glaucoma or age-associated cataracts.

“A total of 151 patients with open-angle glaucoma, 23 ones with closed angle glaucoma, and 57 ones with age-associated cataracts were examined.”

They were compared against 21 people who had cataracts which were caused by physical trauma, as well as people without any eye problems at all.

“The reference group consisted of 21 subjects with posttraumatic cataracts (1.5 years after the injury) and normal subjects.”

The researchers looked at glutathione, one of the body’s fundamental antioxidants.

The body makes it to disarm free electrons, which can otherwise harm cells and DNA.

“Glutathione was measured in the peripheral blood, aqueous humor, and in tissue samples from the scleral drainage sites, obtained during glaucoma surgery and in surgery for cataract extraction.”

Glutathione levels were significantly lower in the eyes of people with open-angle glaucoma compared with healthy people.

“The level of glutathione was found significantly lowered in the anterior chamber humor of patients with open-angle glaucoma, particularly in those with disease Stages II and III as against the controls.”

The researchers found that the more advanced stages of open-angle glaucoma were linked to further reduced glutathione levels.

“The content of glutathione was lowered in the tissue samples from the scleral drainage area of patients with open-angle glaucoma Stages II and III vs. that in the patients with Stage I condition.”

The researchers found similarly reduced levels of glutathione in the blood cells of these people.

“Similar changes were found in the red cells of patients with Stages II and III open-angle glaucoma.”

The researchers wondered whether the inability to deal with oxidative stress could lead to damage in the eye, triggering glaucoma.

“Glutathione is an important component of the cellular antioxidant system.The findings point to a reduction of the processes of antioxidant defense of ocular tissues, developing as early as in the first stage of open-angle glaucoma.”

The researchers gave some participants supplemental lipoic acid for a couple of months. This was effective at increasing glutathione levels.

Animal experiments have shown that increasing glutathione levels can slow and possibly reverse some types of glaucoma.

“Lipoic acid administration for 2 months was associated with a rise of glutathione level in the red cells of patients with Stages II and III open-angle glaucoma.”

There are other ways to increase glutathione.

One which is becoming increasingly popular after some fascinating research is the use of 2 supplements, N-acetylcysteine and glycine.

Combining these supplements boosts glutathione, and could help with a host of “age-related” diseases.

The associations between aging and certain diseases don’t mean that these diseases are caused by age.

On the contrary, we now know various biochemical interactions that trigger “age-related” diseases, which can be slowed or reversed.

I talk a lot about this research in my newsletters.

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[A glutathione deficiency in open-angle glaucoma and the approaches to its correction]