Lemon balm

It quickly stops this common problem many men are suffering from

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How to use lemon balm to stop this

Almost everyone who reaches 40 is going to have some level of bowel problems, some a little and some a lot.

It can cause many problems, including pain and abnormal bowel movements.

It makes you very susceptible to low T, and heart disease.

Many things can help with bowel issues, and one often overlooked is the herb lemon balm.

Experiments show that it can reduce pain and the frequency of bowel movements in bowel issues such as IBS.

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The animal experiments were performed at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran. This paper was published in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility.

The authors of this study investigated various effective lemon balm for IBS.

“We assessed the effects of lemon balm on visceral hypersensitivity, defecation pattern and biochemical factors, and the possible role of nitric oxide.”

Visceral hypersensitivity refers to increased sensitivity and perception of pain or discomfort in the body’s internal organs

…particularly in the gastrointestinal tract.

It is a common feature of irritable bowel syndrome and has been measured in this animal study through rectal distension and abdominal withdrawal reflex.

The abdominal withdrawal reflex is a reflex that occurs in the muscles of the abdominal wall.

These walls contract and cause a withdrawal of the abdomen towards the spine.

This involuntary movement is a response to pain in humans and animals.

“Research was carried out in two experimental models of irritable bowel syndrome.”

The research was carried out on male rats. Different groups of rats had IBS symptoms initiated by a couple of different mechanisms.

Some were given high doses of vinegar.

“In the acetic acid model, the animals underwent rectal distension and abdominal withdrawal reflex and the defecation patterns were determined.”

Others were put through chronic stress.

“In the restraint stress model, the levels of TNF-alpha, myeloperoxidase, lipid peroxidation, and antioxidant powers were determined in the colon.”

TNF-alpha is an inflammatory protein that can cause problems in the gastrointestinal system.

Those other factors are related to oxidative stress – they are also seen in IBS and IBD.

Researchers speculated that the potential benefits of lemon balm are due to it reducing nitric oxide.

Excess nitric oxide can cause problems in many parts of the body, and it’s a known factor in gastrointestinal disease.

“Rats were treated with lemon balm, L-NG-nitroarginine methyl ester, aminoguanidine, lemon balm + aminoguanidine, or lemon balm + L-NG-nitroarginine methyl ester in the experimental models.”

L-NG-nitroarginine methyl ester and aminoguanidine all affect nitric oxide production.

The experiments showed that lemon balm reduced pain associated with IBS.

Animals given the herbal remedy also reduced their otherwise excessive bowel movements.

“Lemon balm reduced visceral hypersensitivity and defecation frequency.”

The researchers found an interaction between the symptoms, lemon balm, and the nitric oxide-modulating chemicals.

“Visceral hypersensitivity and defecation pattern did not change significantly in the aminoguanidine + lemon balm and L-NG-nitroarginine methyl ester + lemon balm groups compared to controls.”

These substances lower nitric oxide, suggesting that some of the beneficial effect of lemon balm is due to it decreasing nitric oxide.

This hints that other nitric oxide-reducing substances may also be beneficial in IBS.

Lemon balm also reduces inflammation and oxidative stress.

“Lemon balm also resulted in a significant reduction of TNF-alpha, myeloperoxidase, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, and an increase in antioxidant power.”

Lemon balm is often considered a calming herb – but it’s much more versatile than that…

…and it can profoundly affect some people with gastrointestinal issues.

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